Monday, July 2, 2012

Quick Trip

As much as I LOVE Quik Trip, this is not a post about how wonderful they are (especially they're glazed donuts.....yummmm). I digress. On Thursday, I took a quick trip to labor and delivery! Not exactly what I had in mind for the day, but none-the-less, it happened.

Wednesday night, Tommy stayed the night with my mom because he hadn't been sleeping well the last few nights, which means I hadn't been sleeping well the last few nights. Between him waking up every few hours and me going pee every few hours, I think I had slept a total of about 6 hours for 2 nights. So she took him Wednesday in hopes that I would catch up on my rest. And I did.....until 5am. I woke up and my left side was hurting SUPER bad on my back and it wrapped around to my stomach. I knew immediately it was the exact same feeling I had in November when I had my kidney infection. Part of me wanted to wait and see if it would go away, but I was worried that pain would make my blood pressure high and my blood pressure being high would stress Tessa. So I called my mom to come over and be on stand by in case I needed to get to the ER quick (Nick works third shift, so he wasn't home--he was being kept up to date by phone and text). I remembered how freaking painful my last kidney infection was and all that helped it was IV pain meds, so that also prompted me to go in instead of waiting to see if it would stop. I waited until about 6:30am and then paged my OB to see if they thought I HAD to go in and of course, they did. I hated waking up the nurse on call, but hopefully she went right back to sleep! So my mom headed into Wesley and I sat beside her crying the whole way and trying to find a comfortable position--although there is none when you're in that much pain! Nick met us at the ER entrance. I was worried we would have to wait forever. The last time I was at the Wesley ER (after my c-section with Tommy became infected), we waited for about 3 hours--and they took us back BEFORE they took the guy who had accidentally cut off his finger and had it in a cooler with him!! So I was hoping and praying it wouldn't be packed. Luckily, there was only one other lady there and they were taking her to labor and delivery, so they took me too. I tried telling them I KNEW it wasn't related to the baby, but they insisted on taking me up to that floor anyways since I was pregnant.

We got checked in and I kid you not, the INSTANT I got into the hospital room, my pain backed off from a 10 to about a 3. WHY?!? I'm glad it stopped, but it seems like that stuff always happens to me. I wait and wait and wait to do anything about a problem and then as SOON as I do, the problem resolves itself! But anywho, they hooked me up to the contraction and fetal heart rate monitors and took a UA to see if I had an infection (and I did). Since my pain was already going away, they didn't start an IV or anything. Just made sure Tessa was okay and kept me until they heard from my OB. She cleared me to go home since I wasn't hurting anymore and started me on an oral antibiotic.

I'm SO glad my pain went away and that Tessa was fine. But I gotta say, being in that hospital room and seeing that empty baby bed just waiting for a little, tiny, pink, squishy baby to fill it made me SO anxious for her to be here and so NOT ready yet!! Make sense? One part of me wants her here so bad that I can already feel her in my arms. The other part of me is soaking up this time I have with my son and enjoying a toddler that can feed himself and help me instead of being SO dependent on me for everything. But ready or not (and I don't know which one I am!!), she's coming! In like........4 weeks or less. Probably more like 3 since they already decided to induce/do a c-section 1 week early. Holy smokes!! 

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