Thursday, July 22, 2010

Alein sighting!!!

We went for our second OB appointment yesterday. Now, I'm not gonna lie. Before we went, I prayed that the baby was perfectly healthy, but that they wouldn't be able to find the heartbeat with the doppler, so they would have to do a sonogram. I just REALLLLY wanted to see this baby and get one of those cute, cheesy sonogram pictures that everyone likes to show off. So I prayed!

After we checked in, we had to wait about 45 minutes to be seen, which is fine because I work for a doctor, so I TOTALLY understand how people get behind (especially specialists). My husband, however, does not have that understanding. He had gotten to the appointment early (which in my lifetime experience has NEVER paid off. I ALWAYS try to get there on time, never early), so he was there for over an hour before we finally got to see the doctor. Poor guy--AND I made him sit with purse while I went to the bathroom 3 times before they finally called my name. He hates purse sitting.

We got back in the room and they did the usual--pee test, blood pressure, etc. Then we met Dr. Lowden (last time we saw the PA) and I really like Dr. Lowden a lot. She's not real chatty, but she's very nice. Then she looked for the heartbeat for like, 20 minutes. I was totally relaxed because hey, I knew this was my prayer being answered. Finally, she gave up and said, "Let me go fire up the sono machine."


So they take us back to the sono room where the nurse comes in to prep the machine and she says, "So they're doing this intravaginally, right?" I was like, "Uhhhh........the doctor didn't say." So she prepares the wand (which looks interestingly enough like male anatomy) by putting a rubber protector on it (which looks interestingly like a condom) and Nick just starts laughing. Awesome. I'm sitting there with no pants on, getting ready to get invaded and my husband is laughing. But it all stopped when we got to see our sweet baby's heartbeat. We both got a little teary eyed and it was just SO amazing!! There is a HUMAN LIFE inside of me!!! And it looks JUST like an alien!! But it's the cutest little alien baby I've ever seen. And it was a relief to know that everything is great. So we'll keep you updated!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Back from vacation. Boo.

Well, we FINALLY got our vacation :) It was so nice just to get away from here for awhile--from work, bills, KANSAS! We went to Table Rock last Tuesday and had a great time. Nick finally mastered the wakeboard and I finally mastered finding my way to the campground bathroom in the middle of the night (that was fun, let me tell ya!!). It rained a lot, but was mostly just drizzly, so nothing got too wet. Our tent stayed dry--thank you Jesus--but it made the days much cooler, which I thought was a gift from God :) I DESPISE being hot, so I loved the rainy days. The boat made me nauseous, but it was fun to get to see Nick skiing and wakeboarding and doing all the man things he loves to do. I got to enjoy afternoons in the air conditioned camper napping and reading my book. Now THAT'S my idea of vacation!! It was hard to come back, but it hasn't been too bad yet. I'll be 12 weeks tomorrow!! The time seems to be going pretty quickly so far. I've had a lot to keep me busy. We're taking the kids in the youth group to Worlds/Oceans of fun this weekend and I'm very excited!! I'm just going to Oceans of fun since I can't ride the rides (and don't really enjoy them anyways) but I think the kids are getting dual passes so they can go back and forth. I just can't wait to sit in the sun all day and swim in the lazy river.........ahhhhhh, I can feel the cool water now!! Then we'll have Super Summer in August, which I am SOO stoked for!! The praise and worship leaders for the week is Rush of Fools! Can't wait to spend time with all the kids and kind of get to feel like a kid myself for awhile. I really miss going to camps and just spending a week in God's presence. It's going to be awesome and totally renewing!!

 And Stacia, thanks for blog stalking me--I blog stalk you right back :) I'm glad to know SOMEBODY is reading!! :)

Friday, July 2, 2010

Worst. Night. EVER!!!

Okay, so let me tell you about the night I had last night. It's probably not going to sound NEAR as dramatic and awful as it felt, but I still feel the need to vent about how annoyed I am today.

So I had a really hard time falling asleep last night. I couldn't get comfortable and I was just really restless. So I FINALLY fell asleep around 11pm (not horrible, but I went to bed at 9:30pm, so it felt like it took FOREVER to get to sleep). Then, at 1:00am, I woke up because I heard some loud noises. Well, it took me a few seconds to realize that the loud noises I heard was every electrical appliance in our household shutting off! Our electricity went out. Lovely. So I wake my husband up to save me from all the monsters I'm sure are getting ready to come out of my closet since my house is now pitch black. Yes, I'm still afraid of the dark. How am I going to convince my children NOT to be afraid of the dark??? Tell them to talk to their father :) So anyways, we get our flashlights and our guns (yes, we're rednecks) and went outside to check the breaker box. Well we saw that none of our other neighbors had electricity either, so we went back inside and went to bed.

Why did we not call the outage in to the electric company? I don't know. Good question.

So I'm laying in bed, sweating......miserably hot (no air conditioning and no fans), tossing and turning and cussing out the electrical wires in my head. I do this for about 1 1/2 hours before I FINALLY fall asleep. And then an hour later, Nick's alarm went off!! I was SO excited (note the sarcasm in this). So he saw that the electricity was still off and decided to call it in to the electric company who told us that it had JUST been called in at 3:45am. We were then kicking ourselves for not calling it in at 1:00am when we first noticed it. But oh well. Can't undo what's already been done. So he tells me he's going to the gas station to get ice and my response was to roll over and try to go back to sleep. Which I succeeded in doing until he called me 45 minutes later to tell me he'd changed his mind about getting ice and was just gonna go to work. My thought was, "I'm ASLEEP!!! I don't give a s*** if you're getting ice right now unless you plan to come home and pour it all over my body so I'm not dehydrated from sweating all night!!!" By this time, I'm pretty sure I've lost 20 pounds of body fluid and I had to pee so bad my stomach hurt, but I was too afraid to go to the bathroom by myself. So I finally talked myself into getting up and going, using the light from my 1912 flashlight that has a beam about 1/2 an inch wide.

After I used the bathroom, I was washing my hands and for some reason started thinking about that Bloody Mary myth where if you say her name 3 times while you're in a dark room looking at the mirror, she'll appear in the mirror. Anyone remember this? Well I hadn't though of it since like, 3rd grade, but apparently being in a completely dark house in the middle of the country can bring up fun memories like that. So I RAN to the bedroom and locked the door and hid under the sheet since it would protect me from anything and everything that could happen. I tossed and turned and sweated again for another hour and then got to sleep.

About 30 minutes later, I woke up due to more loud noises, but it was a good thing!! Our electricity came back on. I almost cried, I was so happy! So I went back to sleep until my alarm went off and I got out of bed. My right leg had a really itchy spot, so I looked down and saw the icing on the cake. Another wonderful thing had happened during the night. Apparently, at some point, a spider bit me and then I rolled over and crushed it, so it's body was stuck to my leg and all of it's legs were stuck to my bed!! Now isn't that a treat?!? Gag me. I'm so glad I go on vacation next week. I'm about to go INSANNNNNEEEE!!!!!!! I need sleep, I need an antibiotic ointment and I need a pool. And a virgin margarita.