Monday, July 16, 2012

It's done!!

Well, it's BEEN done for a few weeks now, but I just got around to taking pictures of it. The kids are going to share a room and at first, I was totally stumped on what I wanted to do. Well, I knew what I WANTED to do. I wanted to make a pink room for Tessa and have a separate boy room for Tommy. But we live in an old farmhouse and there's only 2 rooms on one floor, so our only option was for them to share! I knew I wanted bright colors that were a mix of boy and girl. And for some reason, I love owls. Don't ask why...........I've just always really liked them. I actually bought an owl lamp when I was doing Tommy's nursery (that he never slept in :), so I decided to google owl curtains and see what I could find.

And just like THAT, I had my nursery plan! I found the curtain in the pictures below. It's actually a shower curtain and I thought it was cloth. But when it showed up, it was vinyl. I ALMOST sent it back, but love it so much that I just put a cloth curtain behind it and called it good. That curtain brought in all the colors I wanted in the nursery without making it too crazy!

This is the view from the doorway. Tommy on the left, Tessa on the right.

My baby girl's future home!

Tommy's big boy bed that he LOVES sleeping in!

 His name--underneath is a frame on the left that says "You are my sunshine" (because he instantly calms down when I sing that song) and the frame on the right is subway art of all things about Tommy!

 Her name--underneath on the left is her subway art and on the right is the saying, "I love you up to Heaven and back to Earth" because that's what my  mom used to tell me all the time.

Lockers I got for free!! LOVE how they turned out. These are to the immediate right of the doorway. I threaded a rod through the top and bottom and Tessa's clothes are hanging on the top and Tommy's will be hanging on the bottom. However, we're going to leave one of the sides on the bottom without anything in it. Tommy LOVES playing in it!! Weird, I know, but he seriously gets in and out of that locker for hours!
 The only piece of furniture I bought new :) Ladder bookshelf. It's not filled quite the way I want it, but I have a few finishing touches to put on there! This is to the immediate left of the doorway.
Final view from the door again.

Overall, I really love how it turned out. And it was fairly inexpensive!
Dresser--already had it
toddler bed--free off facebook
crib--$30 at garage sale
red lockers--free off craigslist
ceiling fan--$25
chinese lanters--$10 for all
paint--discount can already that color at Wal-Mart--$11
colored plastic tubs--$1.50 for all 3 at garage sale
changing pad--$0.50 at garage sale
tommy's bed spread--$13 at Target
tommy's side rail--$15 at Wal-Mart
picture frames--$3 for all 6 at garage sales

So for $159 I got everything (including furniture) that I needed for my babies to have a cute and functional room. I'm just so glad I found stuff that wasn't TOO girly or TOO boyish. I hope they're comfortable in there together. Tommy loves it so just to get Tessa settled!! Soon!!

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thehighbargers said...

Love their room and all the personal touches! So cute!!!!