Tuesday, June 29, 2010

1st OB appt

Well I forgot to fill everyone in on the first baby appointment!! Nothing too exciting (other than them confirming I have a life inside of me!!). We didn't get to hear the heartbeat or anything and I was really disappointed about that, but she said we'll get to hear it at the next visit. Our doctor is Dr. Dawne Lowden, but we saw Amanda Twist, the PA. We REALLY liked Amanda and hopefully we'll like Dr. Lowden (we see her next time). But as long as one of them gets that baby safely outside of my body, it doesn't really matter if I like them or not.

Nick got to see his first pap smear!! He was VEEEERY excited (note the sarcasm in that statement). Let's just say we had a long question and answer session (and a little bit of laughing) after the doctor left the room. If only everyone could have seen his face when the PA brought the speculum in.......it. was. AWESOME. He looked at me with a confused look like, "Should I be protecting you from that???" mixed with a little bit of, "This is the funniest thing I've ever witnessed!" My response to him was, "If you think this is weird, wait until you see a baby coming out of there!!" Overall, it was a very interesting day :)

The due date is January 26th. FOREVER away! Everyone says the time will fly, but I'm not so sure about that. I'm trying to set short term goals, like countdowns to vacation or holidays. There seems to be at least one big thing a month going on, so that should help the time to pass. In July, I have vacation. In August, I have vacation. September is our anniversary, October is Halloween (which I LOOVE), November is Thanksgiving, December is CHRISTmas (which I LOOOOVE even more than Halloween:) and then THE BABY!!!!!!! So just pray that things go quickly for me. We all know how impatient and horrible I am at waiting. It's just not my thing (guess I don't really have a choice in this!). I'm thinking I'm gonna have to become one of those coupon clippin, sale findin, stay at home and never do anything fun kinda people. I'm having a little buyer's remorse. I LOVE my Jeep, but I haven't had a car payment for almost 2 years, so it's going to be REALLY hard to hand over that money every month. Last night, we were driving to Towanda and I told Nick, "What the heck did we just do?!?! We're having a kid and that's going to eat up every spare dollar we have ever had! Why did we just buy a Jeep?!?!" He reminded me that due to the fact that my car died on the side of the road, we didn't really have any options OTHER than to get a new car. He calmed me down and reminded me that we'll just have to be more "frugal." I hate the word frugal. Who wants to be frugal?? I guess I do :( But that's ok. I have an awesome Jeep that I KNOW will get me places safely! So look out coupons, here I come!!!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Mom cars and nausea

Well, I officially have my first mom car :) We traded in the Dodge Neon for a Jeep Liberty, which I LOOOVE! To make a long story short, we'd been debating whether to keep the Neon or buy a new car and the Neon made the decision for us. It crapped out on me with the same problem it had about 6 months ago. It kept blowing a spark plug, which in turn made a horrible noise that made me think I was getting ready to be blown up while I was driving 70mph down the interstate!! SCAARY!! So anyways, it happened again and we decided to fix it good enough to get it to a dealership and trade it in. After NUMEROUS days of car shopping and me bumming rides off my gracious boss, we finally found a car we love! I'm excited!! It's my first mom car, my first SUV and it's gonna be so great.

And while things are going good in the car department, they seem to be getting better in the nausea department too! I still get occasional waves of "holy crap I'm getting ready to vomit and this is NOT the time or place to do that!!!", but it's only about once a day, whereas before it was about ALL DAY EVERY DAY!! So that's a definite blessing!! Everyone keeps telling me the second trimester is better and I'll have more energy and I'm hoping they're right! I REALLY want to enjoy being pregnant and so far..........well, I enjoy knowing I have a life inside me, but the whole side effects of pregnancy thing has been a lot to handle. But it'll be worth it once that little baby is in my arms!! For those who don't know (if there's anyone even reading this--haha), if we have a boy, we're naming it Thomas James (Thomas after Nick's dad--James after Nick's middle name) and if it's a girl, it's Tessa Grace. I'm REALLY surprised we actually picked names this far ahead of time because we're both such procrastinators and put things off to the very last second, but I really want to start thinking of this baby as a person and not always call the baby an "it." So that's it for now. Nothing else too exciting going on. Just the normal stuff....but it's FRIDAY!! Thank you Jesus. Only 5 more working days until Nick and I get NINE DAYS OFF WORK!!!!! We're going on a family vacay to Table Rock. SO EXCITED!!!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Just another day

So, last night right before I left work, I started thinking about this dip that my mother-in-law introduced me to. Basically it's a bar of cream cheese and then you pour this charred pineapple and jabanero jelly over it and dip crackers in it. Sounds weird, but it's DELICIOUS. So I started thinking about it and started drooling over it, so I texted my mother in law to ask where she gets the jelly. She gets it from Target, but I was closest to a Dillon's, so I decided to check there and see if they had anything similar. They didn't. So I tried to talk myself out of wanting this dip. But it didn't work. Sooooo.........I drove to Target!! I got all the necessities and believe it or not, made the dip in my car so I could eat it on the way home. That's how badly I wanted this dip!! I didn't actually eat a whole lot of it, but I ate enough that my tongue was on fire and my tummy was full. It tasted SOOOOO delicious..........until the next day. Blah......baby Wilhelm does NOT like spicy food and she (I'm calling it a girl until I know for sure. I just can't keep calling it "it.") let me know it. So I took it to work and the girls at work devoured it!! They're like garbage disposals. We all are, actually. It's funny because I work with 7 other females and I swear, sometimes you'd think it was an office full of men. Nobody EVER changes the toilet paper. Someone actually takes the time to unwrap a new roll and set it on top of the toilet paper holder, but it seems like I'M ALWAYS the one changing it!! And there's usually food all over the break room floor and our shirts. Lol....it's actually pretty funny to see. But I wouldn't trade them for the world. We finally have a good crew. Unfortunately, one of my favorites is leaving :( So if you're looking for a job in the medical field, CALL ME!!

But enough about work. I don't want to think about it when I don't have to.

We rented a few movies from Redbox the other day. I LOVE redbox. They have fairly new movies and are SO cheap and I love that you can return it to ANY redbox, not just the one where you got it. So I rented 3 movies and we only ended up watching 1. It was Leap Year and it was okay, but not what I wanted it to be. So anyways, I was telling my friends how great Redbox was and then I went to turn in my other movies......and then they WOULDN'T TAKE IT BACK!!! They kept telling me I had to put the barcode facing a certain way and it already was. I tried like 15 times, but it just wouldn't work. So I finally gave up and went to another Redbox where they FINALLY took my movies back. And that was pretty much the most exciting thing that happened to me today. More later.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Sooooooooo TIRED!!!

Blaaaahhhhh.........I am SO tired!! Who knew a baby the size of a lentil bean could drain every single ounce of energy that you've ever had?!? I certainly wasn't expecting this. I mean, I know pregnant women always say they're tired, but I am TIRED!! :) And I don't know who the idiot was that ever came up with the term "morning sickness." It must have been a man who's never been pregnant, because I am having all day sickness! Never actually thrown up, but I am on a never ending train ride to nausea-ville. One of my besties, Kendra, had a few pregger friends who said real fruit popsicles helped the nausea and I must say, so far it's helped. The strawberry popsicles.......YUM!! I'm trying not to eat anything and everything just because it sounds good. I don't want to gain 50 pounds and then not be able to lose it. That would be horrible. So I'm doing my best to have self constraint........so far, it's not working real well. I get REALLY hungry, then I eat, then I'm nauseous, so I don't eat for a long time..........then I get REALLY hungry, then I eat........are you seeing a pattern here?

 Nick is so cute! I already love him as a father. He's concerned that our first OB appointment isn't until 6/21/10 because he's worried that if we don't like her, that won't be enough time to find another one :) I explained that would still leave us 7 months and that it truly doesn't matter if we like her as long as she's good at what she does.....but he's ready to get that first appointment out of the way! I am too. I want to know as much as I can about this little baby growing inside of me. I'm googling things like crazy. As someone who works in the medical field, I always hate it when parents would come to appoinments and say things like, "Well, I looked it up on the internet and I'm pretty sure my kid has a brain tumor." Blah, blah, blah. But now, I'M ONE OF THEM!!!!!!! Not the brain tumor part, but the internet part. It's just so hard to wait on getting information about this little tiny thing that has already changed our world so drastically!

 In other parts of life, we're counting down the days until we go to Table Rock. Nick has found it's only 20 working days until we leave and he is SOOO excited. Me, I can live without the camping for 4 days, especially with the way I've been frequenting the rest room lately :) But it'll be nice just to get away from home for awhile. That's the first week of July. Then the first week of August, I get to take all of the youth kids to SUPER SUMMER! I am so excited for this because it makes me feel like a teenager (although I definitely do NOT have their energy)!! But it's so fun and nice to see them worshiping God and fellow-shipping together. They've all decided that it would be hilarious to start talking only to my stomach and to call my unborn child Darnell. Why Darnell, I don't know, but they think it's the funniest thing ever! And I gotta admit, it's kinda funny :) I love those kids! Well that's all for now. I'm SURE I'll be sharing all of my pregnancy woes and joys soon.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

It's official!!!!!!! We're expecting!!

Well, after morning sickness, EXTREME tiredness and four pregnancy tests, we have confirmed that I'm pregnant!!!! We're SO excited and I feel so blessed to be able to have a LIFE growing inside of me!! I found out late last Saturday night (more like early Sunday morning!)--May 23 at about 1:00am. Nick wasn't home yet because he had gone to a BBQ and to shoot pool with some friends, so I was home alone. I had a feeling I was pregnant, but didn't want to get too excited about it and then be disappointed later on, so I decided to go buy a pregnancy test so at least if it came back negative, I wouldn't have to wonder about it. So I went to Dillon's and even though I gave myself the whole "If you're not pregnant, it's okay because God does everything in his timing" speech, I was SOOO excited to find out!! And as most of you know, I'm the kind of girl that when I get something in my head, I want to do it and I want to do it NOW!! So I pull into Dillons and go in the store and spend about 20 minutes looking for pregnancy tests. That had me agrivated because I looked in the family planning aisle about 10 times and finally gave up to go find one of the two employees working that late at night. She helped me find them (in the family planning aisle!) and to my surprise, they were locked up!! Who does that? So I had to be escorted to the front to purchase my pregnancy test, then I had to wait while they took it out of it's plastic protective box and THEN I finally got to go home and take the test!! As soon as I took it, two lines showed up. I was pretty sure that meant pregnant, but I checked the box about 10 times to make sure.......and then I started crying!! And praising God.......and crying and praising God.....and crying. Did I mention I cried?? Then I was in shock for about 20 minutes and kept thinking.....Holy cow!! There's a human being inside of me!! Then I thought, "I'm home alone!! Who can I tell about this??" So I called Nick about 3 times and kept asking him when he'd be home. He was confused because I'm not normally that girl that stalks her husband whenever he's not with her, but I was DYING to tell him the news. So he finally said he was on his way home. As soon as he walked in the door I ran upstairs and just held the stick out. He looked at it for a minute, then looked at me, then looked at it again and said, "What does 2 lines mean?" I said, "PREGNANT!!!!" He was in shock too!! But we're SOO excited. We told both of our families the next day. I still just feel so blessed that God has chosen me to be a parent! What a gift!! We're praying for a safe and healthy baby. It's hard because I work at a pediatric neurologist and we see all of the things that can go wrong during and after birth and it's scary! But I know my child is already in God's hands and will come out perfectly made and knitted together by the Lord. I'll keep everyone updated as I go through this pregnancy!!