Tuesday, July 31, 2012

He tried

Well...............he tried. He tried his hardest to ruin my thankful attitude. You can read my post from Sunday about how my life has me feeling like rainbows and butterflies. But make sure you note at the very end that I say how I know things can change in an instant. And they did. Because Satan was trying his best to try to make me unhappy and worried and everything God doesn't want me to be.

Shortly after writing that post Sunday night, I determined I would try to be in bed by 10:45pm. That was at about 10:30pm. Tessa was sleeping but I had heard her making a dirty diaper so I set her on the ottoman to change it. As I was cleaning her up, she decided to make another present---a BIG messy present (is it too much to inform you that she's been having mustard yellow diarrheah? :) Well, it got all over her sleeper, her swaddler and the ottoman (if you come over, think twice about propping your feet up--haha!). It took a good 20 minutes to get that all cleaned up, get her wiped down and changed and then we were FINALLY heading to bed...........and she decided she was hungry. So we fed her and get her in her bassinet. And then we heard her have another big diaper blow out! So I changed her AGAIN!! That whole process took about an hour, so I finally fell into bed around midnight. But that was okay. She's worth every second of lost sleep.

She woke up again around 4:45am. I was happy because she had slept almost 5 hours straight. But Tommy decided to wake up at the exact same time. And REFUSED to go back to sleep in his bed. So we let him crawl in bed with us and while I was frustrated at the whole mess, I was still feeling blessed because I could look to my right and see my husband and son and could look to my left and see my sweet baby girl. And they were all healthy and safe and that in and of itself is awesome. Once Tommy fell asleep, we put him back in his bed and we both got some more rest.

The next morning (yesterday) we had to take Tessa for her newborn check at our regular doctor.

Obviously from the picture, she was SUPER thrilled to be going out :) I was glad to be leaving the house. We got to the doctor and got both kids checked in. We had gone ahead and scheduled Tommy's 18 month check up and for immunizations. Tommy was in a great mood and found a toy he LOVED that kept him entertained while we waited.

Things were going well, so I let myself relax. Should've known better. They called us back
and took Tommy get his height and weight. And he turned into "that kid."  Full blown yelling and crying and refusing to step on the scale. Nick wrestled with him and finally got him to hold still enough to get a pretty accurate result. By the way, my big boy weighs 28 lbs and has grown to 34 inches!! Insane!! He's getting so tall and skinny. And he definitely doesn't look like a baby anymore. Then it was Tessa's turn. She was 8lbs 1 oz--almost back to her birth weight! She was 7lbs 13oz when we left the hospital. Her length was the same--20 1/2 inches. I made sure to point out to Tommy that Tessa was a big girl and didn't cry when the nurses got her weight! He didn't care ;)

We waited in the room for FOREVER, which would have been okay except I am 99% sure the exam rooms aren't air conditioned. We were literally all soaked with sweat. The nurse took Tommy's temp and said it was 100.5 and asked if he'd been sick. I was tempted to tell her it was simply because we were sitting in the depths of Hades at the moment. But instead, I kindly let her know he had been fine while my irritation at being so hot bubbled up inside me. Tommy proceeded to throw a massive fit every time the nurse or doctor touched him. And they have the door handles that are levers, not knobs, so he escaped the room no less than 5 times. One time, Nick was holding Tessa, so I had to chase him. I picked him up to carry him back to the room while he was going into a full blown exorcism type fit. Big mistake. My stomach and c-section scar are still feeling the repurcussions of that.

The doctor checked out Tommy and everything looked good. Except they said he couldn't have his next shot in the Hep A series because it was a few weeks too early, so we might as well wait to do the rest of his shots until then. More frustration. Now we'll have to do another appt and pay another copay, so I'm not sure what the whole point of even seeing him that day was. But whatever.

Then he checked out Tessa. We had a few concerns.  One of them was the yellow, runny stools I mentioned earlier. She was having those 8-10 times a day. We were also noticing that her breathing was kind of shallow and rapid and seemed to be coming more from her stomach than her chest. The doctors at the hospital had mentioned to watch for that after everything that happened during her delivery. So I didn't know if I was just being a paranoid momma, but I brought it up to the doctor. He listened to her breathing and right away said we needed to go to Wesley and get xrays of her tummy and chest. He said she had tachypnea--irregular and rapid heartbeat. And he was concerned about the diarrheah and just wanted to get them both checked out. So we dropped Tommy off with Brooke (our life saving angel baby sitter aunt--that's her technical name :) and headed to the hospital with Tess.
She was resting easy while mom and dad were worried and frustrated.

We got to the hospital and the process was much easier than I thought it would be. We got all checked in and Tessa got her bracelet. Seemed like we had JUST cut off that same kind of bracelet a few days earlier!!
We got an information packet and a map to get us to xray. Tessa made sure to read everything carefully before signing.

 I prayed that we wouldn't have to wait long and God answered that prayer. It only took about 45 minutes to get checked in, have the xrays and leave. I hated the xray part. They weren't hurting her at all, but she was SO tiny on that big huge table and she was screaming because she was cold.

The actual x-ray only took about 10 minutes and boy was she glad when they were over!! She stopped crying as soon as she was in Daddy's arms. And of course, she hit the bottle pretty hard and fell right asleep after her rough day.

We went and picked up Tommy and got both kiddos home and got to spend some time together as a family. I only had one short little melt down the whole day and quickly realized I was letting fear run away with my mind. We've been praying her x-rays are fine and are trusting that He is taking care of it all. We're still waiting on results. Satan tried.........he tried REALLY hard to ruin my day. But I know that God is in control! YOU LOSE, SATAN!!!

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Lindsay said...

Wow!!! What a day! Please keep us updated on the results. I will pray for you.