Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Field trip and lunch!

I got to go with Tessa's preschool class to the Augusta Castle Park field trip! It was a lot of fun and sweet to see my girl interact with all her little friends. We got some time to play on the playground...

This little monkey was obsessed with trying to cross the monkey bars. She just doesn't quite have the arm strength yet, but she was doing pretty good just hanging there! And she had so much fun trying!
After we played, they had a snack time and then we got to walk around and collect leaves and other nature stuff.

After the field trip was over, we went to eat lunch with Tommy's class. He'd been begging me to come, but I never made it happen, but that was the perfect opportunity! We enjoyed our lunch with him and then got to go to recess to play for a bit. When they lined up for recess, they had to strike a super hero pose and this is what Tommy chose...

It was so fun to watch all these cute kids play together!

After Tommy's recess was over, Tessa and I went to visit with Aunt Brookie. We also got to get some sunggle time with the baby in!! We love our Ty guy! Overall, it was a fantastic day!!

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Easter 2017

 We had a wonderful Easter this year (like we do every year). The kids woke up to Easter baskets from the Easter bunny. Tessa was clearly thrilled with hers--ha! I.....oops, I mean the Easter bunny....keeps baskets pretty simple so we don't get too distracted from the real meaning of Easter.

We managed to snap a quick picture before church. I love my little family!
 We enjoyed a wonderful service in Towanda with our church family and then headed home for lunch with my family and Nick's. We ate a big meal and then headed outside because the weather was awesome! After a quick Easter egg hunt, Nick broke out the four wheelers and everyone was entertained for hours! He took most of the ladies on a ride.....

 It had been rainy leading up to Easter, so they got a liiiiiiitttttllllle bit muddy!
But everyone had such a good time! It was nice to be together, celebrating Jesus's resurrection as a family!

Monday, April 3, 2017

March Madness

March was a CRAZY busy month! Too much happened to document it all, so here's a few bits and pieces....

We started the month by celebrating this birthday boy!.......

We had birthday enchiladas instead of birthday cakes because......well, because why not?!? We love our mexican food and Nick's not much of a cake eater, so it just worked out.

Tessa Grace had an EEG done. She kept having these really weird spells at night where she'd wake up, cry really hard for a few minutes, not be responsive to any questions and then would instantly stop crying and snap out of it and ask what was going on. The next morning when I would try to ask her about it, she thought I was insane and making the whole thing up. One time she had incontinence and given our family history of epilepsy and how easy it would be for us to get an EEG done, we figured we might as well go ahead and make sure it's nothing. So Nick stayed up really late with her and I got up really early with her so she'd be sleep deprived and we hooked her up!

She was a little timid of the whole thing, but overall, she was a champ. No grumpiness from the sleep deprivation, no wiggling.....she did great! And praise God, the EEG was normal. We chalked up her episodes to some kind of sleep issue and luckily, they've tapered off and she hasn't had one for a little while!

Other than that, we've just been busy with the normal stuff. Like homework.........

Living with and taking care of these weirdos........

And getting ready for Easter and some other fun stuff coming up!

I love my people!