Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Summer nights

So since Nick works 3rd shift, Tommy and I have a lot of time to kill in the evenings. My mom comes over several times a week to keep us company and I appreciate it SO much. Especially since I'm so hugely pregnant right now :) Our evenings are simple, but fun.

They usually start out inside. Especially the last week or so. It's been SOOOO stinking hot, even at 8pm. So we keep Tommy inside as long as possible, which is getting harder and harder because he LOVES to be outside.

Most nights, we fit in a little cowboy action with a horsey ride and cowboy hat :)

He always likes to take a little drive around the basement. He makes sure to blow mom some kisses before he heads off :) We'll see if that lasts to when he ACTUALLY starts driving.

Once it's cooled down, we head outside and Tommy takes Nana for wagon rides while Mommy relaxes and watches from behind the camera lense!

He LOVES to play with our cars. He always gets our keys and tries to unlock the doors. His favorite thing to do is set off our car alarms on purpose and then act super surprised when it starts beeping. He NEVER gets tired of that game! Luckily, we live in the middle of the country, so the noise doesn't bother anyone.

He's such a little man "working" out in the yard. Whenever he gets stuck in a hole, he gets out of his car and starts pushing until he's not stuck anymore. He's such a hard worker and he never gives up!

Whenever we make him stop moving for a few minutes, we get "the look." Oh man, does he have that look down pat. He can whip it up in no time. Let's just say, you never have to guess what emotion he's feeling. His face will ALWAYS show it!

This is the second most frequent look we get. It's the "I'm getting ready to something REALLY ornery and I'm so excited I can't help myself look!" In this picture, he had been driving his Cozy Coup (whom we've named Charlie) and he was getting ready to run into my mom's car. So she said, "Hey! You better not hit Nana's car!!" And his reply was to jump out of his car, make this look on his face and then proceed to run to her car to physically hit it with his hand. Hilarious!'s time for the best part of his night :) The chocolate popsicle.


After we're done with the popsicles, we enjoy the last few minutes of dark and blow bubbles. He chases them ALL over the yard and can't get enough of it.

We don't do anything spectacularly glamorous, but it's nice to have room for him to run around and wear himself out. The last few nights, we've stayed inside and he gets so mad when I say no to going outside, but it's just TOO hot!! I hope he remembers these warm country nights filled with popsicles and bubbles forever :) For me, it's the simple things that make life awesome and enjoyable.

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