Sunday, July 15, 2012


So they're a few weeks late, but I promised pictures at one point of the 3rd and 4th of July, so I'm here to deliver on my promise :) Nothing overly exciting, but it was a fun few days!

Tommy played in our "redneck sprinkler" for quite awhile. Really, it's just a shoddy old hose with a bunch of holes in that has an awesome spray that comes out of it. He LOVED it! Aunt Brooke and Uncle Michael played with him for a long time too, so he had a lot of fun with that.

 Then they told him to come give Mommy a he came running!! It was a really wet and cold hug, but it was one of the best he's ever given!

 He spent a lot of time on people's laps. He really liked watching the fireworks, but the sudden noises startled him every time! It was kind of funny. So he would run to the closest person and crawl up on their lap :) And then he'd jump RIGHT back up and be at it again!

 His most recent obsession is his Cozy Coup, Charlie. He looooves that car. The picture below is of him hugging it and giving it "loves." He loves getting in and out of it every 30 seconds. Funny boy!

 He even sat in it a lot of the night to watch the fireworks :)

These boys............they are my everything. MAJOR heart overflow.

The last three of these are all from the actual 4th of July. Nick, Tommy and I spent the day together. We went swimming and just hung out and it was SO nice to get a whole day of relaxation and fun as a family. Didn't get a lot of pictures, but our evening was perfect. We sat outside and shot off a few fireworks we had left and then watched the almost 360 degree view of all the big fireworks shows all around us while Tommy blew bubbles to his hearts content. He also found a rotating stool in daddy's garage that he became obsessed with!

 This little boy has me heart and soul!

Hope everyone else had an awesome holiday!! The next one that comes around will find us as a family of four! Holy smokes!!

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