Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Midweek Randoms

My brain is FRIED. Done. NO MORE THINKING!!! Too bad I have two babies to take care of and a full time job :)

*a pharmacist that I talked to on the phone said something ridiculously dumb today. I was giving a patient's date of birth and I said, "January 5th, 02" (said it like oh-two). She paused and said, "So it's January 5th, 1902?" Really? Since when have we referred to 1902 as oh-two? I said, "Um, no. 2002." She still didn't get it. Maybe she should consider a new profession.

*I've lost 12 lbs!! So happy about that. I lost all my baby weight and then decided to keep going. I prefer to say how much I've lost since I was my highest with Tessa. Then I can say I've lost 30 pounds :) But really, it's just 12 lbs under my "pre baby weight."

*It's cold. I usually LOVE cold weather. But the older I get, the less I enjoy it. I think it has a lot to do with having to find coats, hats, gloves, socks and winter shoes for two kids. Plus a blanket to go over the carrier. That takes a looooooooong time.

*Nick and I are going to Kansas City in December and I am SO excited! We haven't been anywhere, just the two of us besides our honeymoon. We've gone to Table Rock with his family, but nothing completely ALONE! I know it's just Kansas City, but still. It'll be nice.

*I still get randomly overwhelmed with the fact that I have kids. You would think after 21 months of being a mom I would be used to it. Nope. It sometimes still hits me in the face that these 2 children are our responsibility FOREVER. Whoa.

*Tommy threw up this morning. I was about 1 mile from Brooke's when she called and said he threw up, so I turned around. By the time I got there, he was running circles in the living room and laughing. I think he's going to be fine :) My guess is, he's been really congested and mucus-y so that probably just made him gag and puke.

*We didn't make it to the pumpkin patch this year. Kinda bummed about that, but it was either too cold or we had too much going on. Oh well. Tommy had ZERO interest in the pumpkin I bought to carve, so he probably wouldn't have cared much about the pumpkin patch.

*The kids are going to be a football player and cheerleader this year for Halloween. I wanted to do something easy. Hopefully you can actually tell Tommy's a football player :) Tessa...well she'll just look cute in her stroller and be decked out in Broncos gear.

*Along with my weight loss, I've been eating out less. Let me tell you how much money I've saved. I used to eat out lunch almost every day because I didn't plan ahead and pack one. And I truly feel like I've got a ton of leftover money. Love it!

okay, more tomorrow on Halloween with my babies. Nick actually gets to come this year (he was on a business trip last year). Fingers crossed for decent weather and good attitudes! Tommy says, "Tick teat" but only when he's in a good mood! Hope everyone has a good, safe Halloween!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

3 months

Well, well, well little girl. YOU are already THREE MONTHS OLD! I can't believe it's been 3 months.

At 3 months old, you are:

*the sweetest thing I've ever seen. Oh my lands. You are the happiest little girl and you are ALWAYS smiling! When you wake up, whenever you see us, CONSTANTLY! I love it!

*I'm guessing about 14 lbs. We haven't weighed you since your 2 month appt, but you've definitely gained :)

*25 inches long

*in size 2 diapers. Mostly because we ran out of size 1 one night and we have a TON of size 2 diapers from my shower, so size 2 it is!

*drinking 4-6 ounces every 4-5 hours. I think right now you're in a growth spurt because you've been eating like crazy, but then you spit a lot of it up because you eat too fast!

*in mostly 0-3, 3month and some 3-6 month clothes. The 0-3 are getting kind of snug :)

*you are in a size 1 or 2 shoe. Some of the size ones I had didn't fit you. I was super bummed because I had some really cute shoes I hadn't tried on you yet because I thought they were too big. By the time I got around to it, a few pairs were too small :( Oh well. You still have a lot left that you'll get to wear!

*SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT!!! I am SOOOOOOO grateful for that. Like, you have no idea. That was the thing I was dreading about having a newborn, but YOU have made my life SO much easier!! I prayed really hard before you were born that you would sleep well and God answered that prayer!

*laughing like crazy. It's the CUTEST thing. Whenever we play peek-a-boo, you crack up like it's the funniest thing you're ever seen (which it probably is since Mom makes a fool out of herself trying to get you to laugh).

*mastering the quivering bottom lip. You have got it down! You don't get upset very often, but when you do, it's very dramatic. You suck your bottom lip in, then poke it out REALLY far and it starts quivering. Too cute :)

*just dying to sit up. You try so hard! Whenever you're laying flat, you're doing little sit ups to try to get in an upright position. We can't even leave you propped up on your boppy because you try to sit up and end up flinging yourself forward where you're basically bent in half. And then you get REALLY mad. We just got your bumbo out and you do pretty good in it!

*not really enjoying tummy time. You tolerate it for a few minutes (long enough for you to lick whatever you're laying on until it's soaked through) and then you start to get fussy. I don't do it near as often as I should. Bad mommy!

*playing with your toes! You JUST found them today :) It was so cute. You found them and you weren't letting go for anything! You also grabbed your toy that hangs down from your play mat for the first time. Smart girl!

*rolling over!! Mommy didn't get to see it yet, but Aunt Brooke said you rolled from your back to your tummy four or five times yesterday! Now if Mom and Dad can just catch you doing it!

*very tolerant. You big brother "helps" you a lot and you usually just lay there and take it unless you're hungry. THEN you get made :) And the madder you get, the more he tries to "help" calm you down. It's kind of a vicious cycle! I know when you're older, you'll fight back!!

*still dark haired and blue eyed. You haven't lost any baby hair (even though people insisted you would, just like they did with Tommy--who also never lost any baby hair). Your eyes are a blue-grey color...almost more grey than blue. I love to look at them! They sparkle with your sweet little personality.

Tessa, I was so worried I wouldn't be able to give you the time, love and attention that you needed with a crazy toddler running around. But you have been amazing. You are so calm and sweet tempered. You always have a smile on your face and I hope your personality stays that way. I just love coming home to you kids and daddy. People told me I would love you just as much as I loved Tommy and they were SO right. There is more than enough room for the two of you in my heart. I'm so, So, SO glad you joined our family! I love you, sweet girl!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Family pics--take 1

We had family pictures this weekend with my side of the family. They turned out okay, but definitely not ideal. Tommy was not the happiest kid on the block, so he's not smiling in any of the pictures. But other than that, they're not HORRIBLE! And not horrible is better than what I expected :)

It was a little bright outside, so we're kind of squinty in a lot of the pictures. But I'm glad I finally got some pics of my WHOLE family. We didn't have any with Tess, so it needed to be done. We have family pictures with Nick's side of the family this weekend. Hopefully Tommy will cooperate a little more and we'll get some good ones of him actually smiling :)

Sunday, October 21, 2012

21 months

He's 21 months yesterday.........which means he'll be TWO in 3 months. What?! Wasn't I just finding out yesterday that I was pregnant with him?

At 21 months, Tommy, you are:

*still not at the 30lb mark. You weigh about 27 lbs.

*are 34 inches tall!

*in a size 7/8 toddler shoe. Your feet are huge! But it depends on the brand what size you wear, so I'm starting to learn not to buy you shoes unless you're there to try them on!

*wearing size 18-24 month clothes and some 2T stuff. The 2T runs a little big, but a lot of the 18-24 month stuff is too short on you, so we HAVE to go one size bigger.

*talking a LOT. I remember being worried that you wouldn't start talking.......but you have. Constantly. It's kind of funny because you have "conversations," which really just consist of you saying your favorite 5 or 6 words over and over. It usually consists of, "Booball! Mom--dog! Dad!! Sis!! Booball! House!" You say about 30 words:

booball (football), dog, duck, house, home, do it, juice, dink (drink), mom, dad, tess, teesuh(please), no (you say this far too often), yes, joo-joo (choo-choo), truck, uh-oh, oh no!, oh yeah, on, down, moowah (more), Dook (brooke), Mal, Dee (Addi), Dit (Whit), Nana, Papa, guck (yuck), goss (gross) , gooker (cracker), gook (cook), minni mouse, da dog (hotdog)

I'm sure there's more but can't think of them at the moment! I'm sure you'll be saying even more in no time! People told me it would happen over night and it has!

*so funny! When you like something, you've started going, "Oh yeah!" And when something bad happens, you get a really worried look on your face and say, "Oh no!" in a very serious voice.

*Mr. Independent. You want to do everything yourself. You've started pulling chairs up to the counters to get stuff, so we have to be REALLY careful not to leave out any knives or stuff you shouldn't be eating because you will get anything and everything your little hands can reach.

*SOOOO into sports. You sat pretty still during the football game we took you to recently. And we watched a hockey game and you kept pointing and yelling, "GO!!" Any ball you see is a booball (football). I can't wait until you're old enough to start playing!

*in LOVE with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. The way you say it is hilarious! You say, "Mini-mini-mini MOUSE! ON!!" And when it comes on, you stop whatever you're doing, stare in awe and then start dancing to the hotdog song.

*not a very good listener :) You are a very strong willed young man and we have started having to use the "3-2-1" method. When we say 3, you stop in your tracks and look at us with an onery grin on your face. We get to 2 and you can see on your face that you're weighing continuing your naughtiness and getting punished or giving in and doing what's right. We say 1 and you start running to us to do whatever we've told you to. But you're usually too late and have to go to time out anyways :)

*in love with animals. Of any kind. You like to talk to them, point at them, pet them, feed them, etc. Anything to do with animals, you're in.

*busy, busy, busy. We always see the back of you walking or running away from us. You love to swing and slide and I FINALLY feel comfortable letting you run around the playground equipment without worrying that you're going to jump off the ledge or something :)

Tommy, you are such a fun, smart little boy. I can't imagine not having you in my life (although I'd probably have a lot more time on my hands :) You keep us busy, but you keep us laughing. We're learning a lot about discipline! But you are such a joy. I thank God that he gave you to us. I'm SO glad we get to be your parents! I love you!!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

This kid, I swear...

I couldn't wait until the 21 month post to talk about Tommy. He has got to be the funniest, craziest kid ever. He makes us laugh every day!

Lately, he's been SO into trains. He walks around saying, "Joo-joo!! Joo-joo!!" ALLLLLL the time. That means choo-choo for those of you that don't speak Tommy. When he wakes up, he literally runs to his toybox to find his choo-choos.

He's been having me read to him at night. I'm really glad because he totally wasn't into books until recently. And just the one book. It's a book about praying! I'll read it to him while he's getting tucked in for the night and when I'm done, he says, "Mooowah!! Moowah!" That means more. Meaning he wants me to read it again and again and AGAIN. And I do because I love him :)

He's started sighing. At the right time. It's SO hilarious, but makes me feel bad because I must do it a lot for him to know how to use it appropriately. The other day, I kept asking him for a kiss and after about 30 seconds of me asking, he turned and looked at me, rolled his eyes, sighed and gave me the weakest, wimpiest kiss he could get by with. I swear he's a teenager at heart.

He LOVES hot dogs. Like, LOVES them. He'll eat two at a time. The other day, Brooke called to tell me he ate his hot dog and kept asking for moowah, so she went to warm up another one. By the time she got back (30 seconds later) he had crawled across the table, taken Mallory's and had almost eaten it all. This kid is rediculous. Poor Mal!

He is sarcastic already. I was driving him to Aunt Brooke's the other morning and I had promised him before we left that he could take his choo-choo and football with him. We get about 3 minutes down the road and he yells, "Joo-joo!!" I cringed and remember I forgot to grab it off the table. I said, "Sorry bud, I don't have  your choo-choo." He said, "Joo-joo ooohm?" (meaning choo-choo at home??). I told him yes, it was at home. He rolled his eyes and said, "Booball ooohm??" in a totally sarcastin tone of voice that made me think he was REALLY saying, "I suppose you left my football at home too, you dirty biotch." I laughed so hard and got really mad at me. Oops.

And last but not least..........the dip. He loves to dip. What can I say? I'll let the picture do the talking.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Busy, busy!

Now that it's the weekend, I'm ready to post about last weekend :) That's life with a full time job, a baby and a toddler.........and a husband! I didn't forget you honey.

Last Saturday was PACKED. We've been wanting to take Tommy to a football game because he loves booball (football). Every time he sees a ball or a football game on TV or even a football on a t-shirt, he starts yelling, "Booball! Booball!" So we decided to take him to a game! Our friends have a son (also named Thomas James :) and he plays in Rose Hill. The game started at 9 and of course it was FUH-REEE-ZING. But we bundled the kids up and headed out. And I'm SO glad we did. It was  a blast to watch "big Tommy" (we had to start calling him that because our Tommy was getting really confused when we would tell him to play with Tommy or look at Tommy, etc). I can't wait until our kids are old enough to start playing sports. Of course, I say that now while my evenings and weekends are free ;) Remind me of that when we have practice three nights a week and games every weekend.

It was so cute to watch their team! I had no idea what was going on, but they did.

 And they won!!
Tommy had a blast watching with daddy. His poor little nose was bright red by the time we left, but he had fun. He kept yelling "booball!" and "go!" and other random sounds that made sense to him but nobody else.

 He got a little restless towards the end, but I'm excited to take him to another one soon!

After the game, I went garage saling with my mom (and ran across a sale where I got 22 pieces of clothing for the kids for $10!! That's $0.45 a piece, folks!). Nick took the kids to my grandma's to fix her heater. Then we all met up at home for a quick nap for the kiddos. We had to wake them up so we could run to our niece's birthday party. It was originally going to be at a park, but they moved it inside since it was so cold! I was so grateful for that!! They turned the kids loose in a room full of balloons and it was perfect!

It took Tommy awhile to get in on the action, but he finally started gathering balloons. Believe it or not, he went straight for the orange and blue ones......Broncos colors. Daddy was proud :)

 The birthday girl, Miss Mackayla, turned FIVE! Holy smokes! She couldn't wait to dive into her cake. Which was made my her aunt Michelle who owns The Sweet Batch (if you want delicious home made cake and cookies, let me know and I'll hook you up. She makes delish desserts!).

Tessa just hung out and got passed around to her grandparents and aunts and uncles. She loved it :)

After the party was over, we headed home again and I got to go out for a girls night! It was such a great break. My and my bestie and two of the girls we work with went to On The Border. Mexican food, margaritas and girl talk was exactly what I needed! Except, I gained back 2 of the 7 lbs I'd lost in the last few weeks. But it was worth every bite!!

It was a busy day, but SO much fun. Nothing like football, garage sales, birthday cake and a night out to make the perfect day! This weekend's going to be packed, too.  Hopefully it won't take me a week to blog about it :)

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Fashion faux pas

Now.....Nick is a great dad. He's an awesome husband. He's a hard worker. He's an excellent son. BUT....a fashion-conscious man, he is NOT. I will say he's gotten much better at dressing our children since I've tried to emphasize that just because a brown shirt is the same color of brown as khaki shorts does NOT mean they go together. When we put our children in all brown, they tend to look like a big, active, wiggly turd. I've gotten better at letting a few outfits slide. Like green camo shorts and a navy blue shirt that says in bright red, "Hi! My name is trouble." I turned away and shut my mouth a few times.

But when it comes to my baby girl........I'm pretty particular about what she wears. That's part of the fun of having a girl--dressing her up in cute little outfits! But the other morning, I was running behind and Nick had just gotten home from work. I had Tessa dressed in a little blue shirt with a pink and blue owl on it and some navy blue leggings. It was cold out, so I asked him to grab her some socks and a jacket. And THIS is what I came out of the bathroom to find..........

He had gotten this pair of socks (I'm not sure from where) that were super dingy on the bottoms and went up to her knees! They HAD to have been Tommy's. But wait, it gets better..............
Then he found this blue Gap hoodie that a size 12-18 months :) It SWALLOWED her! Her little hands didn't even come close to peeking out and it came so far down her legs that it almost reached her socks, resulting in looking like she had on no pants.
But bless her little heart, she just kept on smiling and let daddy put her in anything! Me...not so much. It was funny! Don't get me wrong. But had we been going anywhere but Aunt Brooke's house, she definitely would've been changed. I DID pack some little, tiny Tessa-sized socks to change her into but I wanted Brooke to see her outfit because it was so funny! But she did look awfully cute all bundled up in that huge old sweatshirt.

I thought I got my point across to Nick that this was not a baby-girl appropriate outfit. But this morning, he got her ready again. And he was proud as pie of his baby girl :)

Let's just say, I think I need to stay in charge of the morning time. Too bad I'm always running late and have to have help! I need to keep laying their clothes out at night :) Wonder what outfit he'll come up with next..........