Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Football and Muffins with Mom

Last Friday, Tessa's class had muffins with mom. They're learning the letter M and what better way to do that to have Muffins with MoM? I had to take Tommy along because there was no where else for him to go, but I figured since he has a few 'M's in his name, they wouldn't mind.

 This sweet girl served me muffins and juice....
Then she drew a picture of me and my muffin and a glass of water. Because...why not?
 I had the best time hanging out with her (and Tommy) that morning!

On another note, football season has started up!! Yay! Our whole family enjoys this. Nick is a coach this year and Tommy really likes everyone on his team. Tessa just has fun playing while they're practicing and I like watching my boys enjoy football so much!

They had a little clinic last week and Tommy loved it. He's the one wearing a bright orange shirt in all these pictures. 


Games start this weekend and we're super stoked!

Tuesday, September 12, 2017


For Tessa's birthday, Nick and I signed her up for ballet classes. She was SUPER excited to go and I was pretty excited to watch her. She's been asking to take ballet for FOREVER.

She was so excited to get to class! She slung her cute little ballet bag over her shoulder and off she went. Didn't even wait for mom to catch up.

 There were only two other girls in her class that day, but she had so much fun with them! They did a little stretching.....

 Then they did some tap dancing...

And then it was time for BALLET! She loved having her tutu on and doing all the ballet moves. I think it made her feel very grown up!

I was so glad we'd signed her up. We kept putting it off, but she had such a great time!

Friday, September 8, 2017

Life Lately

It seems with the start of school came a rush of busyness! There's something to do almost every night (which I love and hate at the same time).

We've had plenty of homework (but not TOO much)...
 Tessa Grace is thriving in kindergarten. She came home the other night and was SO excited because she'd had a "purple day." Apparently, purple is the best color you can get and she'd been trying SO hard to have a purple day!

  She also apparently has no need for her mother anymore. That's her in the green and white striped dress.....walking into school by herself. She INSISTS I don't walk her in. So I just stand beside the car and stare at her like a stalker while she crosses the crosswalk! I've walked her in a few times because I just wanted to, but if it was up to her, it would never happen.


Tommy has also started to really come out of his shell. The kids all meet in the gym every morning and on some days, they play music and the kids can dance. Last year, it was impossible to even get him to hardly walk THROUGH the people dancing. This year, as soon as he heard the music, he RAN (that's him in the orange shorts) to put his book bag down so he could dance! I was so excited that he wanted to join in because I NEVER would have thought this child would want to dance in front of people. 

We've also been busy trying to do a few things to our land. We have some acreage and we decided to plan around 100 trees to make a privacy border around the land. Holy moses. It was a loooooot of trees. Nick did most of the work, but as soon as I got off work, I headed down there to try and help. I ended up being the hole digger, Nick was the tree planter and the kids watered the trees and picked up trash. It was quite the project, but luckily, the weather was pretty nice and it didn't get too hot. The kids were so excited because we let them sit on the tail gate while I moved the truck and they thought it was just the coolest thing ever.  I was enjoying the view in my rearview mirror!
Tommy was driving his 4 wheeler around the land and he just looked like such a big guy that I had to stop and take a picture. 

The other day we went shopping. We had gone to the dollar tree first and the kids each bought a toy. Then we went to Carters and they begged me to let them wear their toys inside. The 'new mom Brady' would have flipped out that my kids looked like big nerds in their turtle shell and knight mask, but 'mom of 6 years Brady' thought, "Eh, if it keeps 'em quiet and makes them happy, why not?" We got a few weird looks, but it entertained them while I shopped!
 Speaking of goofy lookin kids....
 Stearman airport had an old plan called Betty's Biscuit Bomber and people were allowed to take tours. We decided to stop by and the kids loved it! It was pretty neat to look at and they thought it was so cool to be on a plane.

That sums up the last few weeks! Lots of school stuff, lots of randomness and always busy!  

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

First Day of School 2017

Well, the kiddos are back in the swing of school! They both started school last week. Tommy has been talking about not wanting to go back ALL summer and I think because he was saying that, Tessa got a little leery about going, too. I was worried they were going to drag their feet some when I woke them up for their first day.

But on the morning of Tommy's first day, he hopped right out of bed and was ready to go! He woke up early, got dressed quickly and kept asking over and over if we were ready to leave yet.

Tessa went to school 2 days after Tommy (kindergarten starts after everyone else so it's not too overwhelming for them). She was SO excited! We got around that morning and then she said, "Mom...I don't really need you to walk me in." And I was all........"Uh.....yeah you do." She tried her best to convince me not walk her in, but I did anyways. I was having a hard time leaving my little girl!

She looked so grown up! It made me sad, but I was glad that she wasn't nervous or upset at all. I should've known that's how she'd be....she's my little miss independent!

They both came home from their first days with smiles on their faces and said they had a great day! We're excited to see what the rest of the year holds.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Thomas James

I'm obsessed with this boy. Sometimes, I feel bad admitting that I cried during my ultrasound when I found he was going to be a boy because I wanted a daughter so bad. I had no idea what to do with a boy.

But God knew what he was doing! Tommy is getting to such a fun age--I LOVE watching him grow up. I feel like most people love the baby stage....and while I enjoyed it, it definitely wasn't my favorite. Now that my kids can walk and talk and hold conversations, it's so much more fun to see who they are!

Tommy is getting so goofy and funny and doing all the things little boys do. He loves playing jokes, working outside with dad, cuddling with mom, watching Star Wars, having sword fights, annoying his sister, wrestling with anybody and everybody and making messes.

I just had to share these pictures because they're SUCH an accurate depiction of who Tommy is at this age!

One morning on the way home from church, him and Tessa put on some tattoos in the backseat. We didn't see them until we got out of the car. I told him to show me a tough face while I took a picture and this is what he gave me....

He is CONSTANTLY putting swords or other weapons in his pants (like they're a holster). He always tries to make Tessa fight him!

I love that he still tells me I'm his best friend. He doesn't say it as much as he used to, but he promises that he'll still hug me when he's 16 and acts like I'm crazy to think that he ever might not want to snuggle with me.

This is his first REAL best friend. He was his kindergarten buddy and they had the best time playing together! Unfortunately, he moved to another state and won't be in Tommy's school this year. He was so sad! But we're going to do our best to keep in touch!

He's such a goofy boy and always making us laugh!

I wouldn't have believed you 6 years ago if you would have told me I'd love being a boy mom....but I SO love it!

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Surprise Sleepover!

We always have a family party every year for the kids' birthdays, but this year, Tessa was asking for a party with her friends. Since her birthday is in the summer, I didn't really have a way to get invitations to her friends from preschool because I didn't know their addresses (or even some of their names....oops). And every time I asked who she would want to invite, she would say Alex, Essie and Bry! So I decided to just invite her cousins over for a surprise sleepover with them, Nana and Brooke.

The night before her birthday, I had Brooke and Nana bring Alex, Essie and Bry over after I got off work. Tessa was so confused about why they were there, so I let Alex tell her that it was for a sleepover. It's the most excited she's ever gotten about a surprise! She's never had them over to stay the night.

 We started off the night by going to the splash park in Augusta. 

 They had so much fun running around and playing!

 Brooke and I went and got them some shaved ice from a little place we LOVE right down the road. They have the BEST shaved ice!

 After they were done playing, they decided to put all of their towels together to make one big 'bed' so they could dry off and "lay out." I felt like we were getting a glimpse into their teenage years. They sat over there talking and giggling for at least twenty minutes--it was so cute!

After the splash park, we grabbed a gourmet meal at McDonald's (at the request of the birthday girl). Then we headed home to play outside for a bit and they ate some "poopsicles." Aunt JJ got Tessa some emoji poop popsicle molds and they were a HUGE hit!

Tessa opened a few presents from Aunt Brooke (makeup, undies and a walmart gift card) because she wasn't able to make it to Tessa's family birthday party.

Then it was time to get in our jammies and do each other's make up! I think that was my favorite part of the whole night. These girls LOOOOOVED lipstick! I think Tessa put on about 5 layers by the time we were done.

The BEST makeup of the night award goes to Brooke. Essie and Tessa teamed up on her and did her makeup. Essie kept saying, "Brookie, with TWO womens working on you, you're gonna look fan-TAS-tic!" And she did look......special.......

Everyone finally settled down and conked out around 11pm.

The next morning was Tessa's birthday and she woke up to balloons all around (per our annual tradition) and wanted to head straight upstairs to open presents!

She got emoji pants, the game Guess Who, 3 pairs of sparkly shoes, emoji ice packs and keychain, Uno and a bunch of other little things. She was in emoji heaven! After presents, we hung out in bed and the girls played an intense game of Guess Who....

And then THIS cutie dropped by and Tessa's birthday was complete!

After all the cousins left with Nana, Tommy and Tessa and I got around and headed out for the day. I felt bad because I was super tired and didn't feel good at all, so I wasn't as enthusiastic as I normally would have been. But Tessa insisted she didn't notice and had a great birthday day anyways!

She wanted to eat lunch at Golden Corral and then go bowling, so that's just what we did! I didn't get any pictures at lunch, but bowling was so much fun for them!

Sometimes they fight constantly and sometimes they get along for 5 minutes...

 Tommy was being really sweet to her and helping her put the ramp in just the right position!
They ended the game with a whopping 83 points between them both!

After bowling, we went home and we all ended up napping for about two and a half was amazing and I felt SO much better after that nap. Once Nick got home from work, Tessa and I left to go do some shopping because she wanted it to be "just the girls." So we went to Dollar Tree and Wal-mart. I loved spending the one-on-one time with her and watching what all she picked out. At Dollar Tree, she kept pushing the cart by herself and she just looked so big!
She ended up buying some cute Shimmer and Shine PJs, a weird pig pillow thing and a few other small things. She had so much fun spending all her money!

Then we headed home to eat dinner with dad and Tommy. Nick had saved a few presents for Tessa that he picked out and she got to open them. It was riding gloves and pink goggles--she was thrilled! He really liked them too.....

Then we just hung out and watched TV together and snuggled! It was the best day celebrating the best daughter!