Tuesday, April 14, 2015

They keep me laughing

My kids always have me laughing. They're just so dang funny and say the most hilarious things that sometimes catch me off guard.

*The other day I was looking for garage sales and couldn't find any. Tommy said, "Well, mom, I guess it's just not garage sale season." Then after a long pause, he said, "But it IS rifle season!!"

*I was running errands and told the kids we were going to stop at the DAV to do a little shopping. Tommy said, "Awwww, man! I don't WANNA go shopping." I told him that unfortunately, since he was in my car, he had to go where I went. He said, "Someday, when I'm older, I'm gonna go to Cabela's when you're in my car and I'm gonna shop until you PUKE."

*A few nights ago, Tessa and I were laying on my bed and Tommy came in acting crazy and then turned around and ran back out. She looked at me, sighed and said, "Tommy is being a little shit tonight." HA! I almost died! She so casually called her brother a shit. After I laughed, I had to correct her. But still....SO funny.

*We're running water/sewer lines from our house to the barn and I have been driving the excavator to help Nick. Nick was inside doing something and apparently Tommy went in there and told him, "Don't worry, dad. I'm out there telling mom what to do so you don't have to."

*Some things that they say incorrectly every day crack me up. Tessa tells people we live in the "crunchy" instead of the country. They call medicine "mecinin." Tommy says spaghetti "pasketti." We have to call fettuccini alfredo white spaghetti or they won't eat it. Tessa says, "Pickle-mu-me" instead of Despicable Me. When they want to watch a show on TV, they say, "Please?!? Just one more episode!" Every morning when I put on body spray, Tessa says, "Mom, can I have some beefume?"

*A few weeks ago, I told Tommy to clean his room. He said, "You should do it, mom!" I asked why he thought I should do it and he said, "Because that's your job!"

*Whenever I tell Tommy to stop doing something, he says, "I AMEN'T!!" instead of I'm not! It's SO funny. And Tessa has started doing it too since she hears him say it all the time.

*I was driving and Tommy kept saying, "Mom! Mommy. Guess what?! Mom!!!" I said what a hundred times and he finally heard me and said, "Mommy, guess what just touched my tongue? Throw up! But it didn't come out of my mouth."

*Tommy is usually slow as a turtle when we're getting ready in the morning. Yesterday, he got dressed super quick so I tried to make a big deal out of it and praise him, hoping it would encourage quickness in the future. I said, "Tom! You got dressed SO FAST! That's awesome!" He just smiled and laughed and said, "Yup! I did!..........ahhhh, just like a man."

*We put a small kitchenette in the barn to use for future parties and I asked Tommy where something was and he said, "It's in the kitchen. You know, the kitchen in the MAN CAVE (he used a really deep, weird voice to say man cave)."

These kids---they say the best things! I try to write them all down so fifteen years from now, I can remember the things that made me laugh on a daily basis!