Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sono picture!

Well, this is the first look we got at Tommy's face......kinda crazy!! His mouth was open (as I have a feeling it's going to be the majority of his life). Am I a bad mom for thinking he kind of looks like Casper the friendly ghost in this picture? :) Don't get me wrong, it's cute, it's just weird to see it because now that's what I picture him looking like ALL THE TIME!! A black and white version with no actual eyeballs and a wide open mouth! But I know he's going to be the cutest thing EVER when I can actually SEE his little eyes and nose. He was being ornery during the sono yesterday. He kept putting his hands in front of his face, so this is the only semi-decent shot we got of him. And he is going to be a lazy baby. He would not move for ANYTHING! The nurse kept jiggling my belly to try to make him move and he just wasn't having it. He was basically folded up in half at the waist and was perfectly content. They said he is weighing bigger than most babies at this age--2.7 lbs. I didn't think to ask how long he was, but on the sonogram picture it says he's 25 cm and I am hoping that's wrong!! That's only 9 inches and on all the websites, it says he should be around 14 inches by now. Maybe they just couldn't get an accurate measurement since he was all folded up. The tech DID say he had really long legs, so we'll see soon enough I guess.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Shower #1

And so it begins!! The showering of love for Tommy! I had my first shower this weekend and it was CRAZY awesome!! I cannot believe the amount of presents that this kid got. And we're not gonna have to buy him any blankets or lotion for years!! It was really fun and nice to go to an event where I didn't have to do ANYTHING to set up or tear down. Then I got to go home and look at everything again. It was so great! We got a lot of big things--our stroller and car seat, bumbo, boppy (who names these kid items??), high chair.........and Broncos outfits galore. He's gonna be the best dressed kid on game days for Broncos :) Then on Sunday, my mom, sister and cousin came over and helped get the nursery almost completely finished!! It looks so great. I can't wait till it's all the way done. I painted a Bible verse on the wall--1 Samuel 1:27--"I prayed for this child and the Lord has granted me what I asked of him." I put it above his crib and LOVE it!! We got all the furniture in just the right spot and most of his stuff put away. I can't believe he'll be sleeping in the crib soon!! We go today for another sono. They couldn't get a clear shot of his heart during the last one, so we're doing another one. I'm really excited! I hope we get to see his face and get a glimpse of what he's going to look like!! Well that's it for now. Nothing too new. I'll try to post pictures soon of the nursery (if I can figue out how :)!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Tommy, even though you are not here yet, I feel like I know SO much about you. And that just makes me SO much more excited to meet you!!! Three months seems like way too long until I get to see your face, but I am hoping it will fly by!! These are the things I already know about you:
*spicy food gets you excited!! I don't know if you get happy or ticked, but you start moving around like there's no tomorrow.

*unfortunately, you're a night owl---like your mom USED to be, but doesn't WANT to be anymore because she knows she has a busy baby boy on the way and needs all the sleep she can get :) You usually start getting REALLY active around 9:30pm and when daddy's alarm goes off at 4am, you're still going. We're gonna have to pray for that to change!!!

*You're already ornery. Mom will yell for daddy whenever you're kicking a lot so he can feel it and as SOON as he's within 2 feet of my tummy, you stop moving. Immediately. With as active as you are, daddy's only felt you move twice.

 *You like music!! A LOT!!! We listen to K-Love on the way to work every morning and on the way home every night and you go nuts!! One time, I swear you were kicking in beat with the base. It was AWESOME!!!

*You enjoy when mom sings and talks to you :) I personally think you're dancing to my voice, but dad thinks you're laughing. Whatever. What does he know?? Okay....he might be right. I don't have the best voice, but you still love it!!

 *I think you're starting to hear a lot more (obviously). But just recently, you're kicking when you hear a loud noise--someone yell, the car starting, deep voices. It's kind cool to know that you already respond to stuff like that.

*You are spoiled!! Already! My youth group talks to you all the time and can't wait to meet you. Your grandma's are crazy over you and your aunt Brooke is obsessed beyond reason with wanting to buy you things and make up a special nick name for you. Your dad can't wait to "man you up."

Man, you're going to be smothered with love when you finally arrive! I know there's so much more to learn about you and I can't wait!! It's going to be fun and scary and hard and awesome and CRAZY!!!!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Okay, so I was REALLY excited to go register for baby stuff. We picked a Saturday a few weeks ago when Nick FINALLY didn't have to work and we got all pumped up for the "fun" ahead. We were going to do Babies R Us AND Target, but our plans changed later. So anyways, we got to Babies R Us and went in to do the 20 minute orientation on pointing a scanner and pulling a trigger button (necessary? Definitely not!). Then we got started on registering. Holy baby stuff!! The first aisle was fun, even the second aisle was kind of fun but by the 3rd aisle.........I was SO over it. There is SO much stuff!! Unless you've raised a baby, how the heck are you supposed to know what all you need??? It was just so overwhelming. I was also really hot and REALLY hungry (not a good combination even when I'm NOT pregnant--haha), so I was making things worse than they needed to be. My dear, sweet husband was doing his best to make things fun by just randomly pointing at things and pulling the trigger. He was doing under-the-leg shooting, over-the-shoulder shooting and, well.....if you've ever met a boy, I'm sure you can imagine all the fun we were having :) I REALLY appreciated his effort but it was NOT helping me (although I definitely know I had a bad attitude and it was my own fault). So if you are coming to one of my showers and happen to look at the registry, please keep in mind that our child does not actually NEED 15 teethers and 30 different Denver Broncos outfits. Most of those were only registered for in order to demonstrate Chuck Norris moves with a laser gun. However, I guess there is no harm if Tommy has a teether for every day of the week. So after we got through the THOUSANDS of baby products at Babies R Us, Target was SO out of the question. That would be done at a later date. I was just glad to have the registering at the baby superstore DONE!! However..........yesterday, I get an e-mail letting me know in a very ANNOYINGLY chipper way that "unfotunately, some of the products I registered for were being discontinued and they recommended for my best interest that I find a product to replace it." SERIOUSLY?!?! Wasn't a huge deal until I started looking at the unfortunately discontinued items and it was for 3 of the biggest things that we had spent FOREVER picking out!! They discontinued the stroller, pack n play and baby gate that we wanted. Whatever. Have I mentioned I am SO over it?! :) But no harm done. I found replacements and hoping they don't get discontinued too!