Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Flag Football!

Tommy is playing Flag Football this year.....and I LOVE it. I wasn't sure how it would be because I don't really understand all the rules. But it has been SO fun watching his practices and seeing how much this boy loves football!

His cousin, Beckett, is on his team and so are a few friends from his class, so that makes it even more fun!

They were ready to start the game!
 Showing their "muscles"......

 Just a couple of cousins doing some blocking........
 I love this picture because it shows how great all of the coaches are. I wasn't sure how the kids would do since for most of them, this is their first year to play and they're still learning all of the rules. But at the game, all of the coaches on both teams were SO hands on and out in the field helping them. It was truly a show of sportsmanship and they were all encouraging both teams and just helping the kids to really have fun and ENJOY the game. I love that we live in a small town where sports are important, but sportsmanship and fun are MORE important!

 This game was the culmination of all of Nick's dreams come true...playing football with his son! I think he loves being out there more than Tommy!

Overall, they did SO good! Tommy loved it and can't wait for his next game!

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Tessa's 1st Day of School 2016

Tessa started her second year of preschool this year! She looks so grown up compared to last year.

                      This was her last year.....

This was my sweet girl this year....

Is it just me or did she age 10 years?!? She looked so grown up!

 The good news is, I didn't have ANY tears that day! She was so excited because she got to change her earrings for the first time since she'd pierced her ears.

After her class was over, I picked her up and we headed for a special lunch at Applebee's together. It was so nice to just sit and hang out with my girl for awhile. She has such a fun personality.

This was her last first day of preschool and this is our last year at Noah's Ark :( Bittersweet, but the kids have LOVED it. I just know this year is going to fly by!

Happy first day, sweet girl!

Thursday, September 1, 2016

My little man's big day

This year, my little man started kindergarten. Insert sobbing here. It was such a great day, but such a hard day! He was so excited to go to school!

I'd been prepping him for a few weeks that I would drop him off and he would stay there for most of the day with his teacher. He acted completely fine with it. I expected that once we got there, he'd be nervous and clingy. I was just hoping that he wouldn't have any tears because I wasn't sure I'd be able to leave him if he did.

We got to school and I took a few more pictures.... 

All the kids meet in the gym before the bell rings and sit with their class. He was SUPER confident the whole time we walked towards the school and while we were taking pictures. We got to the gym doors and let me tell you.......those kids are LOUD. It's 5 or 6 grades worth the children yelling non-stop. As soon as we walked through the doors, he stopped for a few seconds and his eyes got really big and I thought he was going to bolt! But he didn't........he just kept right on walking. We found his class and he got a name tag and then sat down. And he was PERFECTLY FINE.

After his teacher came to the gym, he went and lined up with his class. He looked so little........and so big.

I stayed there and stared at him for at least 5 minutes, wondering where the time had gone. His teacher started leading them out of the gym and he turned and looked at me once and waved with a nervous smile and then he was gone!

And me and Tessa got in the car and were all like.......

I started crying as soon as I walked out of the school. Tessa got in the car and she just started SOBBING. It was horrible! I tried to quit crying so I could ask her why she was upset. She said, "I'm just worried about my brother!" It was the sweetest......and the saddest. We eventually both stopped crying and made it through the day until 3:15pm when I could FINALLY go get my cutie.

He said his day was great and he really liked his teacher. He reported that he was stuck sitting between "two dang girls" (as he rolled his eyes). Gym and lunch were his favorite part of the day. He got to see his buddy Weston at recess.  He was so excited and kept saying, "We really need to get home and check if I have any homework to get done. Cause I REALLY want to get it done." Yeah.....I'm gonna plan on that not lasting too long. He couldn't wait to show us his binder and his agenda. So overall, I would say his first day of kindergarten was a success!

Tommy, we're so proud of you and so excited to see what your future holds! Here's to the first of many "first days of school." Love you, bud.