Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Tessa Grace

Tessa has been so fun lately! While she's always been more comfortable and a little more silly around us as her family, she started out her life being fairly quiet and reserved, so we always thought she would be our mild child. Welp.......not so much. In the last several months, she's really started coming out of her shell and it's SO. FUN. She's pretty witty in a grown up kind of way and has been saying things lately that have caught us off guard and made us genuinely laugh! She can be a tough egg to crack, but it's been worth the time and effort we've put into getting her to loosen up a bit.

The other day, her and Tommy were wrestling around. She stopped and yelled, "Mom! Tommy kicked me in my nuts!" Me and Nick starting laughing and explained to her that she doesn't have nuts. She said, "Well fine, then he kicked me in my berries." We were DYING. 

 She also has a HUGE amount of sass. Everyone says she's so sweet and I'm all.....have you met this child?!? All kidding aside, she is USUALLY really sweet, but if you cross her wrong or say something she disagrees with, you better look out! She whips out her attitude in a matter of seconds!
 She thinks she can do everything by herself. EVERYTHING. I try to teach her things, but if she tries and can't do it, she doesn't want help or correction. She wants to just keep trying until she gets it right. She was super proud of herself for "mastering" the towel wrap on her head!

She's really started to keep us on our toes and we've loved every minute of it!

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Easter Weekend 2018

We had a fun Easter weekend! Saturday was fairly warm and sunny. Nick had to work that morning, so me and the kids started out with an egg hunt at the school. There were a lot of kids there and I wondered how on earth there would be enough eggs for everyone, but then we figured out that there were only a small amount of eggs and the rest was candy spread all over the playground. The kids LOVED it! And they got sooooooo much candy. It was a lot of fun and we enjoyed the weather while we were out.

The rest of the day turned out to be a big day for Nick. He's been wanting a tractor for the longest time. He's been looking and looking for a good deal and FINALLY found a tractor that looked good and was a fair price! So we loaded up and drove to Newton so he could check it out.

Once we got there, it was super windy and got really chilly, so I ended up staying in the car the whole time. The kids were so excited about maybe getting a tractor and were running all over the land we were on! Nick got to test drive the tractor and spent a good deal of time talking to the owner and decided to go forward with buying it.

He was SO. EXCITED. And I'm not gonna lie....I think his tractor's sexy, so I  was excited too ;)

He spent the rest of Saturday playing working with his tractor. It was fun to watch him enjoy it so much!

Saturday night, we dyed some Easter eggs and got the house cleaned up  (too bad his tractor couldn't help with that) and ready to host Easter lunch for both of our families the next day.

Easter morning we got up and around and headed to church. I told the kids the Easter bunny wasn't real this year. I'd been debating it anyways and then Tommy asked me if it was real and I just couldn't say yes. Why do we put so much time and effort into these fake characters? I still gave them baskets, but they were minimal and the kids were just as excited to get them as they were when they believed the bunny was real!

I didn't manage to get a picture of our whole family, but got one of the kids!

We enjoyed a wonderful sermon and then both of our families came for a lunch and an Easter egg hunt. It turned out to be FREEZING cold that day. Like....30 degrees and windy. But the kids wanted to hunt eggs anyways, so after our lunch, they headed out. It was a quick hunt! Everyone was ready to get back inside and get warm.

 Once they got inside, everyone opened their eggs and picked their prizes.

My mom had bought all the girls matching shirts and the boys a polo to go with it, so we had to get a picture. It's not the best picture, but I'm impressed you can actually see most of everyone's face!

We got one with their other set of cousins too!
I'm so glad our families were able to get together to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord! Time with family is precious and we certainly don't take it for granted around here. It's crazy how the years have flown by already and we know it's not going to slow down any time soon.

Here are all of our Easter's in the past: 







Thursday, March 15, 2018

Back to life, back to reality

After we got home from the Bahamas, it was right back to daily life! It was kind of rough having oto wake up and make our own breakfast and not be on the beach, but we managed ;)

Both of the kids finished up their basketball seasons. We were so glad we were home in time to see their last games! It was so much fun to watch them this season.

We took a few more naps to catch up on our sleep and our snuggle time....

Shortly after we got home, we celebrated Nick's 36th birthday! Me and Tessa made him a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. Tessa was more than happy to help clean the bowl :)
Right before cutting the cake, we noticed that somebody had swiped some frosting off of it. At first, nobody would fess up, but then we figured out it was Tommy. His answer was, "I was hungry and I just couldn't stop myself!"  

The kids got their spring pictures back and they were so good! I'm super cheap and didn't want to pay $40 for a few big pictures and a billion tiny little pictures that everyone will eventually throw away. So I took a picture of them with my phone--ha!

 We also had their Spring Fling family fun night. They LOVED it. We have fun every year. Last year we had to skip out on hair color and face painting because we didn't have enough time. But this year, they wanted to do that right away! Tessa chose purple hair and an emoji face paint.

Tommy wanted blue and orange hair (go Broncos!) and tiger face paint. 
 They were so excited to have their hair colored (I think it made them feel really grown up). They played a bunch of games and used their tickets to "buy" their prizes. Nick bid on a silent auction item and ended up winning a night at a hunting lodge. I asked when we were going and he politely let me know he had planned on it being a guys trip.....RUDE. The lodge looked really nice and was picturing myself relaxing while he hunted, but he wanted a hunting buddy for the whole trip. So I'll stay with the kiddos while he has a guys weekend....eventually.

We had spring conferences and got good reports on both kids!  We actually usually end up giggling because they talk about the kids being well behaved--they're certainly not that way at home! Tommy's teacher said he's really come out of his shell and very social in the class. Never would've seen that coming--he was SO shy in preschool! He's doing really well in reading; needs to work in math a bit. Tessa's teacher surprised us and asked if she didn't like coloring. We let her know she LOVES to do anything art related at home. She was really surprised and said she seems to not enjoy that at school. She said Tessa is very quiet, but still friendly and gets along with everyone. We were so glad to hear that they're both doing well. We love our school and all of it's teachers!

We've had a busy spring season, but so far it's been lots of fun!

Monday, February 26, 2018

Nassau, Bahamas: Day 7 and 8

On our last two days in the Bahamas.....we were ready to be home. Not to sound ungrateful at all (because we were clearly still having a fine time and enjoying ourselves!), but we were SO ready to see our kids and get back to our normal daily life!

On day 7 (Thursday), Nick had conference most of the day again. I spent most of the morning blogging and looking through pictures and watching TV. Sounds like a lame way to spend the day when you're in the Bahamas, but I was SO sunburned that I didn't really want to sit outside (and COULDN'T sit outside without feeling like I was on fire!). Nick had a short lunch break, so we got to hang out for a bit and eat some lunch together. The rest of the afternoon, I walked around the resort a bit and then read and napped. It was kind of amazing.

The only picture I have from day 7 is this.......
 In all fairness, it was THE BEST cheesecake I've ever had. So it warrented a picture :)

Day 8 (Friday) was our final day.  Nick had conference in the morning until around noon. I spent the morning going through our room and packing everything up. I always get SO paranoid we're leaving something behind, but I think I managed to get it all! I spent some time out on the balcony soaking up the last of the ocean air and the cool breeze. Once his conference was done, he came back to the room and we decided to recreate this picture from our honeymoon....

10 years ago.....

And now....a little older, a little (tiny bit) wiser and more in love than ever!

 While we were excited to get home, we were also a little sad that our time in paradise was coming to an end, just like we were sad to leave Mexico on our honeymoon. Hence the pouty faces in the pictures.

After we got our room all packed up, we took our luggage with us and grabbed a quick bite to eat. They served grilled hamburgers every day, so we just ate that. I didn't want to eat too much because I get SO nervous when I get on a plane. I hate sitting by strangers, so I was super paranoid the whole time that I wouldn't get to sit by Nick and that it would be awkward.

After lunch, we took a shuttle to the airport and made our way through customs. It was a loooooong line, but a fairly simple process. We boarded the plane and what do you know.....I sat by a stranger. For the next four hours. But at least it was a comfortable plane and we were able to watch movies, so that was good! And I had a window seat and got to see the best views...
 We flew into Chicago and had to almost run to our connecting flight. Poor Nick. He was walking SO fast and since his legs are so long, of course he was pretty far ahead of me. I was doing the best I could, but my short stumpy legs just couldn't keep up with his! We FINALLY both made it to our gate just in time to board a plane home! It was a super tiny plane that I was SUPER nervous to get on, but it managed to get us home just fine. And I had the best view of the whole trip once I got to the airport!

I've never been so happy to see these sweet faces. We missed them SO much! Tessa just kept hugging me and staring at me and saying, "Mommy! I'm SO glad you're home!"

Overall, it was such a wonderful, relaxing, restoring, peaceful trip. It was just what Nick and I needed to regroup. We were so glad we got to go and felt so blessed to have family that we knew would could trust taking care of our kiddos at home. That really made it easy for  us to fully relax and not worry about their well-being too much! 

Hopefully it's not another 10 years before we go on vacation together!

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Nassau, Bahamas: Day 5 and 6

So apparently, I took no pictures on Day 5 except for a picture of a weird, mystery bruise on my leg that's bright blue. And I don't figure that's worth sharing with anyone--ha! On Tuesday, we did absolutely NOTHING. We ate breakfast, went to the beach, ate lunch, took a nap and then Nick's conference started that night, so he had a meeting that night and I ate dinner by myself and read the whole evening. It was a wonderful day!

On Wednesday, Day 6, Nick had his conference all day. I was kind of nervous I'd get bored, but what do you know! I didn't! This is all I have to show for Day 6....
As you can see, it was a really hard day full of laying by the pool. Unfortunately, I did a really stupid thing and forgot to put sunscreen on my legs. They turned into a very dark shade of pink--oops. It hurts REALLY bad. But it was a lovely day laying on the beach and sitting by the pool, so I guess it was an okay payoff.

We had dinner at O Nikkei, the Asian restaurant. We sat at the hibachi grill--it was a lot of fun! We'd never been to one. We got to try sushi too (of course I removed any fish that was in it first). They served salad and we got to choose from a main course of seafood, chicken or steak. Nick chose seafood and I got chicken. We both really liked it!

We ended the night with green tea ice cream--it was......different. But good!

After dinner, we fell asleep early--this vacation has been a lot about RESTING! And we've loved every minute of it!

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Nassau, Bahamas: Day 3 and 4

Sunday, we got up around 9am and ate breakfast at the market place again. After breakfast, we decided to go to Atlantis to see the aquarium! We decided to take a taxi and even though it was more expensive that a Jitney, it was nice to just hop in and get taken exactly where we needed to go without any bus transfers or cramming in with a bunch of people!

Now here's my thoughts on Atlantis....kinda hated it. I LOVED the aquarium. It was super cool....but I could've lived my whole life without setting foot in the actual resort. It was SO big and there weren't very many signs telling us where to go or how to get there. There were people EVERYWHERE. LOTS of people. It was okay to visit, but I could not imagine staying there. You had to walk forever to get to anything and it just wasn't very peaceful. I think the kids would have loved it, so I guess maybe if we had the kids with us, I would consider it. But definitely not anyplace I would want to stay for a relaxing peaceful anniversary vacation.

But onto the aquarium! It really was beautiful and fun to walk through! We saw some crazy, interesting sea creatures!

 We got to touch star fish and sea cucumbers. They were SO gross. Amazing--but gross! The star fish had a ton of little suction cups on the bottom of it. It was so cool!

And we found Nemo!

 After we left the aquarium, we had lunch back at our resort and spent more time on the beach. I wore my hat that Nick said was super extra. But I liked it! It was too windy to keep on very long, but it was cute!
He was my cabana boy all day and got us both drinks. I could get used to this!

We had reservations that night at Cilantro (the Mexican restaurant at our resort). It was pretty good--decent guacamole and queso! The options were kind of limited, but it was tasty!

After dinner, it was family karaoke night, so we headed to the lobby to watch that for a few hours. It was very entertaining! Nick ALMOST talked me into singing with him. But I couldn't do it! After karaoke night was over, we headed to bed.

The next day (Monday), we had breakfast at the market place (again). We hung out on the beach until noonish. Then we had lunch at the beach bar--they were grilling hamburgers and hotdogs. They were so good!

After lunch, we took a walk down the beach to a pier at the neighboring resort. It gave us a beautiful view of the ocean!

We eventually headed back inside and played the world's biggest game of connect 4. I beat Nick about 18 times before we finally quit playing and went upstairs to get ready for our dinner reservations.

We ate at Aqua that night. It was an Italian restaurant that had decent food and felt very fancy.

We had a fun night!