Monday, May 27, 2013

10 months...ALREADY!!

Tessa Grace, in TWO short months you are going to be one year old. I can't fathom that right now. It seems like just yesterday I was trying to sleep at 3am because I was being induced the next day. Where has time gone?!?

At 10 months old, you are:

*around 20 pounds

*about 27 inches long

*in a size 3 diaper...and quickly making your way to size 4

*in size 4 shoes, which kills me! You had some really cute size 3s you never got to wear! But your feet are just so cute and pudgy!

*in size 12 month clothes. You do some 12-18month stuff. Funny story--about 2 weeks ago I put you in 9-12 month jeans. They fit your waist, but your poor little (or should I say big?) thighs were busting those jeans at the seams! Every time you tried to move, your jeans cut into your thighs and you just sat there like you were paralized :) Needless to say, I put you in the next size up!

*walking a LOT! You took your first steps when you were about 9 1/2 months but you were too lazy to actually walk and would only do it if we were making your or holding something for you to come get. But on Friday (5/24/13), we were in the basement and you walked all the way across it just because you wanted to! Now you're walking EVERYWHERE!

*so funny with your brother! You guys fight and wrestle and you really hold your own! You usually laugh the whole time! He really manhandles you and we have to get onto him sometimes, but you take it in stride!
*are so cautious. When you walk, you hold both hands out to the side very daintily and take the smallest, slowest steps. When you are trying something new to eat, you veeeeerrry slooooooowly put it up to your mouth and lick it first. If something makes a loud noise, you're very curious and I can tell you WANT to go explore, but you cling to mommy and look all around without moving.

*doing this laugh that's rediculously funny (and sometimes fake). Whenever anyone else laughs, you look at them and start laughing too. This short, punctuated chuckle that doesn't sound like a 10 month old little girl! You and your brother will sometimes just sit and take turns poking eachother and laughing. I have yet to figure out what's so funny, but it entertains you for hours, so why not?!?

*wearing pigtails almost daily! The first few times I tried to do your hair, you weren't having it. Now, if I give you something to play with, you sit pretty still while I put your hair up. And they just kill me with how cute they are!!

*just FULL of drama. You make the most hilarious faces and you over react to everything. I have NO idea where you get that from....alright, alright, I do the same thing. You get your feelings hurt easily so if you get in trouble by me or Tommy does something "mean" to you, you cry and cry like there's no tomorrow. But you're devious, too, I think. You have this little grin that just says, "If only you knew what I was thinking right now............."

You also make THIS face constantly....
"What? Me?!? You think I did that? I'm shocked!"
Mommy is scared of seeing those faces when you're a teenager.

*a daddy's girl! You just recently started holding your hands out to him to be picked up and whenever he holds you, you bury your head in his shoulder and just snuggle. I heard the funniest conversation between you two. You were trying to get in the fridge while he was in there and he told you no. You let out a squeal of defiance and he said, "Sis! Stay back from the fridge." No more than two seconds later, he sighed and said, "You own me." I looked over and he had picked you up and was snuggling you! Hilarious! You have that man wrapped around your finger! You went from being in trouble to getting snuggles in 2 seconds flat!

*so smart! You've started doing things that let me know you're learning a lot. You put the phone up to your ear, you dig through the sippy cups to get a cup and a lid (they never match, but you try), you put shoes up to your feet......all kinds of little things like that.

*licking everything. Like....EVERYTHING. Our fingers, shoes, clothes, chairs, swings.........
there's nothing that's safe from your long, sticky tongue!

*refusing to drink milk. We had you drinking at least a few ounces a day and now when you get even this slightest taste of milk, you turn your nose up at it and refuse to touch it again. Still trying to figure out what changed, because we were ready to start weining you off formula!

Tessa, you are SO much fun and SUCH a challenge! You can have the sweetest attitude and the craziest attitude. You are the best little girl two parents could ask for! I love watching you and Tommy interact. It's hilarious! You fight with all you have and love with all you have. I love, LOVE having you in our family and am so glad you "surprised" us with your presence! I can't wait to see how you grow in the next few months and years. We love you!

Friday, May 24, 2013

THE place to be

So our home now has the coolest hangout in town in our backyard. I know what you're thinking......and no, there's no cover charge! Admission is free! Amazing, considering all the work that went into it AND the fact that it was hand built by my husband and father in law from the ground up!

So are you just DYING to know what's in our backyard?!?  I know you are!

Wait for it........

Wait for it......


 Our own little piece of heaven right here on earth! It's already provided countless hours of free fun (well, free to us :) It was a gift from Papa and Grandma for Christmas)! The kids are LOOOOVING it.
He's such a big  boy, going down the slide all by himself!

And look at this little cheeser! She gets SO excited in that swing!

Daddy and Papa did such an awesome job getting this swingset up! It looks so good and I know we're going to get so much use out of it this summer. We don't live within walking distance of any play equipment, so having this will be priceless! Nick and I went back and forth on the location of the swingset. I wanted it closer to the house so in a few years, I could send them outside and be able to watch them out the window. He was insistant on putting in towards the back of the house. I finally just said that was fine because they were ready to get started and we hadn't officially decided yet.
I don't know if you noticed the land and the tree line in the background of the slide picture, but here it is again in case you missed it........
 Well, a few days ago, I finally figured out WHY Nick was so insistent on putting the swingset towards the back of our property. I noticed there was a "window" cut in the side and I commented on how perfect that was for Tommy to be able to look out into the field. Yeah. I started putting two and two together and as Nick chuckled deviously about the "window" he put in the "house" section of the swingset, I realized that man had snuck himself a deer stand under the guise of making our children a swingset! Sneaky!! Smart, but sneaky!
I've already loved the few summer evenings we've gotten to sit outside and enjoy while the kids played. I pull a chair out there and play footsie with Tess while Daddy helps Tommy climb up and down the ladder a million times to get to the slide.
Mmm, MMM! I could just EAT those toes up!! Look at those cute little pudgy ankles (hers, not mine ;).

I'm so glad we have this swingset and can't wait to watch them grow up on it. I'm sure in no time they'll be swinging from the rafters and hanging off the parts that aren't supposed to be climbed on while I'm yelling at them to be careful and get down. I just remember spending so many of my summers as a child playing on our swings and monkey bars and loving every minute of it. I feel so blessed to have the land and the beautiful surroundings that we have and that my kids get to enjoy it too. There's nothing more fun than being a country kid!!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Tonight, I got to pick them up from the babysitter after a long day at work.

Tonight, I got to unload the car and find a place to put them and all their stuff.

Tonight, I got to open a can of ravioli and warm it up in the microwave for their dinner because we'd rather have a quick meal and more time to spend together as a family, playing and enjoying the weather and comforts of home.

Tonight, I got to get onto my son for wrestling with his sister in the pack-n-play.

Tonight, I got to blow bubbles and watch Tessa pop them with her tongue.

Tonight, I got to panic because Tommy slammed Tessa's thumb in a drawer and worry that it was broken due to how big it got and how loud she screamed.

Tonight, I got to change 4 diapers that smelled unpleasant.

Tonight, I got to watch my 2 year old hold a bundle of wildflowers that we picked just down the street.

Tonight, I got to lay with each one of them until they fell asleep.

Tonight, I got to watch their eyes drift shut, only opening on ocassion to make sure I was still there.

Tonight, I got to watch that last sigh of contentment fall across their lips before they surrendered to sleep and their breaths got deep and even.

Tonight, I got to trace every outline of their face, count every finger on their hand and brush the hair back from their faces without them ever knowing.

Tonight, I realized again how lucky and extremely blessed I am to still have my children.

Tonight, I am thankful that I do not know the heartache that some parents are falling into.

Tonight, I am praying--that there is some kind of peace and comfort that one cannot even begin to fathom to heal their hearts.

Tonight.......and tomorrow........and the next day, in honor of those whose lives were lost in Oklahoma, I will hug my children tighter and longer.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

It's a great year to be 29!

On Monday, I turned 29 years old. I know by the normal standard, I should be depressed that I only have  1 year until I'm officially in my "thirties." But this year, I felt nothing but blessed. It's a GREAT year to be 29!!

 I have always, ALWAYS loved my birthday. I count down to it every year and get so excited! I think I usually drive everyone crazy, but I just can't help it! This year, I wasn't quite as annoying due to lack of TIME to get too excited, but I was so looking forward to it.

Last year, my birthday was on Mother's Day. I was actually born on Mother's Day (the BEST present ever, I know). But now that I'm a mom, I don't really like sharing my birthday with Mother's day--I mean, I get gypped out of a a whole day! Instead of having two celebrations, I only get one. Selfish? Maybe. True? Yes :) What can I say? I like a party!

My birthday started on Saturday (2 days before) when me, my sister, my mom, Whitney and Granny took a trip to Marion. I blog stalk a lady that lives around the Newton area (check out her blog--Whatever). She runs a crafting weekend for women and they always take what looks like the most amazing trips to these antique stores in Marion, KS. So for my birthday, that's what I chose to do! I was looking for a big window screen and a quilt. Those were the two things I had in mind. I really wanted to go to the barn she always talked about because I just KNEW I'd find something there, but we went twice and it was closed both times. We shopped around a little more and right before we were getting ready to leave Marion (I had found NOTHING to buy yet), my mom got the card for the owner of the barn, so she called him and he said he was on his way out there if we wanted to meet him. Um, yes please!

His name was Auggie and he was the nicest, funniest, most sincere man. Such a sweet guy!
I found the PERFECT turquoise colored screen, which was EXACTLY what I had in mind when we went out there. I also found a white window frame that I wasn't looking for but loved. Then, on the way home from Marion, we stopped at an estate sale and I found an awesome quilt for FIVE DOLLARS!! It made my day whole weekend! That just set my birthday up for perfection!

So I woke up on my ACTUAL birthday to a smiley baby girl and a cute blond haired boy saying, "It's mommy's durpday!!" Tommy LOOOOOOVES durpdays! Whitney had stayed the night, so she took the kids to Brooke's for me, which meant I got to hang out at home for an extra 15 minutes or so. It doesn't sound like long, but 15 minutes alone was a little like heaven! I got to work where my bestie, Hannah, had pastries and a Diet Coke waiting at my desk. She also made me the puuurfect card. I hate cats. Like, can't STAND cats (which she is clearly aware of). But she made me a card with a cat picture on it that said, "Happy Purrrrrthday." I loved it and wanted to punch the cat picture all at the same time. And my other coworker, Maria, got me a huuuuuuuuge jar of Laffy Taffy (which I am officially addicted to!).

Then my mom had Hannah deliver me a present every hour. She's done that the last few years and I have to say, it is SO exciting! Even though I know it's coming and it's just little things, I SO look forward to it!! A few of the things I got this year were Wintergreen mints, jawbreakers, solar powered dancing daisies (MUCH cuter than they sound!), a sandwhich crust cutter, air freshner, 2 REALLY cute scarves........and a lot of other things I can't remember. I HIGHLY recommend doing this for someone you love. It just makes the WHOLE day special!

Whitney brought me On The border for lunch! She also hand delivered a hand made card from Tommy (and Tess) and a whole plate of brownie crusts (because I like the crust, not the middle) that Brooke made me! It was so nice to have a change of pace at work! I appreciated her coming SO much.

After work was over, my family all met at Golden Corral for dinner. I was still stuffed from lunch but managed to find room for just a few delicious rolls with honey butter :) We ate until we couldn't eat any more and then it was time for MORE presents.


I am SO spoiled. I got EVERYTHING, literally EVERYTHING, I wanted. My sister and Michael got
me a sideways cross bracelet that I love and a 31 bag I've been dying to have (AND a bottle of red glitter nail polish that I've been looking for and could NEVER find), Whitney got me a shirt from K-Mart that I've been obsessing over but couldn't make myself spend money on, Brandon got me money (which I'm putting towards a new camera) and my mom got me a 31 bag and the quilt that I found on Saturday. So blessed.

After dinner, Nick and I and the kids went home and I got my presents from them. Tommy and Tessa got me a beautiful pair of earrings. But Nick got me the best gift of all. He gave me money to put specifically towards a camera AND a certificate to get family pictures done with a promise to have a positive attitude the whooooooole time! A certain someone despises getting pictures taken and we usually end up fighting whenever the occasion arises :) So that gift was SO exciting to get!!

I had the BEST birthday. It was everything I could have wanted and so much more that I didn't even expect! Thank you to all of my family and friends that made it amazing!

Here's to being TWENTY-NINE!!!!!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Mother's Day 2013

I feel like I say it every year, but I think this Mother's Day was by far my best. I had an AHHMAAAZZZZING day on Saturday (more on that later) so that gatewayed into an absolutely perfect Sunday. The kids stayed the night with my mom Saturday night becaus Nick and I went out for my birthday. I was a little hesitant at first because that meant I would wake up on Mother's Day without my kids there. That thought made me a little sad.

But then on the other hand.......what better Mother's Day present than sleeping in? And I thought it was only fair to sacrifice time with my kids to give MY mom the best Mother's Day present EVER--which is time with her grandchildren! Am I right?!?

So we slept in until 8:30am or so. Nick made me breakfast in bed, which was SO yummy and relaxing. Then we got around and went to meet my mom and the kids and my cousin Whitney at church. Tommy actually did pretty well during church last Sunday. Tessa, however, did not. And somehow, BOTH of the binkies I had sent with her to my mom's had gotten lost, so we had no binkie to give her. Not good. Nick took her outside during most of the service.

After church, we headed out to the Raft for Mother's Day with the Wilhelm's. The Raft is a little pond area with places that people can park their campers year round, so we usually end up out there for family functions during the summer. The weather was pretty near perfect! We did burgers on the grill and had some tasty sides with fruit and cake for dessert. SO good!

There were a couple of girls that that were loving the watermelon! Do I have the cutest nieces ever or what?!
Uncle Josh fed Miss Tessa her first taste of watermelon.........
She wasn't too sure at first but the more she ate, the more she liked it!

Tommy did have one MAJOR meltdown. I can honestly say it was because he was tired. HOWEVER. He did still get in trouble. I took him in the camper and we sat on the bed until he calmed down. He almost fell asleep about 5 times but just wasn't giving in to a nap. It took a good 15 minutes for him to stop throwing his little tantrum, but once he calmed down, he was pretty good for the rest of the day.

Nick and I took Tommy and Tessa for a ride on the golf cart. You would think they had just won a million dollars with as thrilled as they were for that ride! Tessa was squealing with her hair blowing in the wind and Tommy was just dying to "dwive da dolfdart!" There's a little path that goes around the pond and it was fun to drive on it in the nice weather with both of the kids having the time of their lives. Who knew such simple things could be so much fun? ;)

On the way home from the Raft, both kids fell asleep. Nick decided to get some work done outside and I decided to relax on the bed and watch my shows while laying under the delightfully cool ceiling fan. I got a good hour of relaxation! Whit came over to stay the night and I was SO glad she was there! We just love her company and the kids have a blast with her!

After they woke up from their nap, it was time for me to open my presents (my FAVORITE part!). Tommy got me the most beautiful cross necklace with a little diamond in the middle. Tessa got me a family tree necklace that I've had my eye on for quite some time. It's funny because Nick said that when he Tessa bought the family tree necklace, he she wasn't sure if I would like it or not, but I'd been wanting it for a long time! They did good!

I am so blessed to be a mom. I am so sad for those who want to be mom's but aren't. I am devastated for those who have moms that don't want them. I am heartbroken for those who have lost a mom they loved. I try to thank God daily for making me a mommy, even when I feel like looking myself in the bathroom just to have a few seconds alone.

Thank you God for my blessings!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Summer Nights (or at least a few)

First, I would just like to take a moment to celebrate how photogenic my children are......

That's right. Be jealous :) But, these pictures truly capture the real moments of Tommy and Tessa. A little dorky and goofy, but hilarious! At least they come by it honestly........

Anyway, although they've been few and far between, we have LOVED having a few summer nights. Nick thrives on summer time. He becomes this fast moving, dinner grilling, super productive guy that builds things and organizes things and makes me wish he wasn't so motivated because I really like coming home and doing nothing but I feel guilty if he's not joining me!

I think Tommy is going to be a looooot like Nick in that aspect. He LOVES to be outside. We have to turn it into a fight every time it's time to head inside for the night. I got out my bike and Tommy pulled out his trike. He's finally figured out if he uses the pedals to move, it's much faster than pushing his trike with his feet.

He also likes to play "baketBALL" as he calls it. We started playing it  over the winter and I have to say, he's gotten pretty good at it. I mean, look at that form! He makes most of his baskets and is pretty consistent. Bless his heart, he still hasn't quite figured out dribbling. I think it'll be awhile before that happens!
He cracks me up because he also likes to play hockey but he uses his broom instead of a hockey stick. We have wood floors and a rug in the living room and he wants everybody but him on the rug. We're not allowed to walk on the wooden part because that's his hockey rink. He gets SO mad at Tessa and tries to push her back to the rug. Yeaaahhh.........we're working on that.

While the boys are playing, I try to keep Tess corraled in a pack n play, but she doesn't last long. After about 5 minutes, I start to get this face........
........accompanied by several high pitched squeals. I just hate letting her out since she can't walk yet. I know it can't feel good on her knees, but she persists, so eventually, I give in. She has found a way to get across the cement without scraping herself up though.

Ha! Clever girl! She looks like a little monkey running around out there! I can sometimes get her to hang out with me on the blanket that I spread out, but that too, never lasts long.

But Tommy's favorite activity by far is to MOW! He loooooves mowing with Daddy! It takes around 1 1/2 hours for Nick to do the whole yard and Tommy does a decent job of staying on the mower for most of the time. He never sits still that long, but he doesn't seem to get tired of riding around with Daddy.

I hope these summer nights start to become more consistant because they are amazingly refreshing and lovely. And it feels like we actually have TIME to accomplish stuff outside of work since it stays light until 8:30pm. Now if only we can get the weather to cooperate........

And just because they do occasionally take some GOOD pictures....

Friday, May 3, 2013

Conviction with a side of fries

Soooooooo, here's where I spill the beans that I've been blatantly ignoring God. What, like you've never done that before?!? I'll give you a few seconds to think of a time you have............Did you think of one?...... Ok, good, now you can understand where I'm coming from :)

God told me a long time ago to start a Bible study. Me and my friends, Kendra and Hannah, get together about once a month and every time we're together I have so much fun so I say, "We should start a Bible study!" There's this study that Lisa TerKeurst wrote called Unglued and I've been wanting to read it since I heard about it. We talk about how I should contact some of our mutual friends and I get excited about it!

And then I go home.

And I think about having people to my house. My house is perfect for our family, but it's not always clean. You can usually find a diaper under the table or bed, crumbs all over the cabinets and there's guaranteed to be stains on our couch from spilled juice or milk. It's not very pinterest-y. It's decent sized, but there's not ONE room that's big enough to hold several people.

I don't have TIME to have a Bible study. I work a full time job, have 2 kids, try (I said TRY) to have a semi clean house and keep up with laundry. My husband gets off work at different times every night so I'm never sure when he'll be able to help watch the kids.

There's no way I can lead a Bible study. I'm not good on speaking. It's not easy for me to think of topics to teach on. Nobody will want to come. What if they DO come and they're expecting a pretty house and snacks? I don't do snacks! I won't ever have time to make snacks! And when I do make snacks, I usually burn them or miss an ingredient or drop them on the floor!!! JUST BACK OFF ABOUT THE SNACKS, PEOPLE!!!!!

You see, I just get a little anxious when God asks me to do something, that's all :)

I kept putting it off and putting it off. I go to a church I love and they sometimes have Bible studies, but there's not a lot of women my age and that are in the same stage of life I am, so I don't often go. But clear back in the winter of last year, they found out Women of Faith was coming to Wichita in April. My mom bought tickets for us, but I had forgotten all about it until she brought it up a few days before the event. I wasn't sure if I wanted to go or not and after a lot of hem-hawing around and trying to decide if what to do, I asked Nick to watch the kids and we went.

And guess who was speaking?........Lisa Terkeurst, the author of the study I would use if I started a Bible study. And here's the deal, guys. I didn't realize it until I was sitting at Women of Faith watching women of every size, color and age stream through the doors, but I have sooooo been craving fellowship. It's been a long time since I've cried at church, but as we were singing praise and worship, tears were falling because I was being spirtually fed in the exact way I needed to be at that moment.

I left Women of Faith that night with a huge plate of conviction in my lap. So I went to Wendy's and bought a side of fries to go with it :) All that night I was fighting with myself over doing what I know I should do or doing what I wanted to do.

Then on the Monday after I had heard Lisa speak, I decided to take a look at her website. She just "happened" to have a guest blogger that day. The guest blogger just "happened" to write a post about starting a Bible study, even if you're scared of doing it. OKAY, GOD!!! I GET IT!!!

So.......(deep breath)........I'm throwing the idea out there. Anybody interested? Please let me know if you'd like to come! I have some women in mind that God has put on my heart and you better believe if He is making me do this, I'm gonna make you do it with me, so I will Facebook stalk you until you say you're coming!!  But I'm really hoping there are other women who want to get together and share life with me and learn about God. You can comment here or on Facebook if you have any desire whatsoever to come!

I was thinking it could start as an every-other-week and that maybe we could even alternate whose house it is at so that nobody feels too overwhelmed by adding this to their schedule. And to top it off, my mom said that if we did it every other Monday, she could come and if you couldn't find anyone to watch your kids, she would watch them. So NO EXCUSES, ladies!!

It has been too long since I'd met with a group of women. It has been too long since I've opened myself up to the Word. It has been TOO long since I fellowshipped with people who are going through the same things I am. A lot of people use the defense that you don't have to go to church to be a Christian. And that's true, you don't. But going to church is a vital part of ME being a Christian. To stay excited and motivated, I need to hear a sermon every Sunday and I know that I've been missing out by not being a part of a small group.

I feel like God is telling me that there are a few of you who have been doing the same thing--that you've been running from what you know you should be doing. And there's one sentence I have to say to you that I heard while I was at Women of Faith...

 The Shepherd knows where to find you.

Stop running. I hope to see you bring the snacks :)

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Benton Days

Last Saturday was Benton Days. There a MILLION (and one) reasons that I loooove living in a small town and Benton Days is one of them. I grew up in Benton and I can remember hosting a Girl Scout event and making a float every year. Great memories! But I digress.......

We had planned to get up early to go garage sale-ing (no matter how I write that word, it never looks right!). My mom met me at our house and we loaded up the kids and drove (the short mile) into town to meet my bestie, Hannah.

I LIVE for garage sales! I can honestly only remember 3-4 outfits that I've bought for the kids brand new. I bought Tommy's whole wardrobe from birth to 2T the summer I was pregnant for him. I love the thrill of the hunt for a good deal!

We started off at this huge sale at the Benton storage building. They were having a free will donation sale. I found a TON of things for Tommy, a few for Tess and a couple odds and ends. Then we went to a few more sales around town and found lots of good deals!! And this is where I brag.....

By the time we were done garage saling (nope, that's not it either!) I got 50 pieces of clothing for Tommy, 18 for Tessa, 32 pairs of socks, 6 pairs of shoes, a huge picture frame, 2 bow holders and 2 baskets for $25 bucks. SO happy about that! I had literally prayed I would find a wardrobe for Tommy because after 2T, I have nothing stocked up! And God answered that prayer. Now we're good through size 5!! And Tessa....well she didn't NEED anything that I ended up buying for her (other than a few pairs of pants I got for next winter) but I sure picked up some cute stuff for this summer!

Hannah found some deals too! She got a WORKING grill for $20, some cute corner shelves and a REALLY cute candle sconce (it's BIG) for 50 cents!

I was so happy about our finds!!

After garage sailing (close, but no cigar), we went and ate lunch at the grade school. They were selling burgers, hot digs and chips. Why is that after a hard morning of spending money on cheap clothes a standard, frozen cheeseburger cooked on a grill tastes delish?!? But it was! SOOOO good!

Hannah had her niece Callie, so we headed back to my house after lunch in the hopes that both of the toddlers would fall asleep. No such luck. Callie passed out for a few minutes and Tommy blinked heavily a few times, but that was it. There was NO way they were going fall asleep and miss all the excitement of Benton Days!!

Next was the parade...Everyone was excited!!

Nick met us there and Tommy was so glad to have Daddy with him!!

The day had been forecast to be warm, but it was SO not warm. We had to bundle everybody up!

It wasn't a super exciting parade. Lots of fire trucks, four wheelers, lawn mowers (don't ask) and random floats with no theme or decorations. But it was fun! The whole town was out and they were throwing candy and the parade would stop so someone in it could talk to someone watching it. It's a small town thing and I couldn't have enjoyed it more.

It DID, however, get a smiiiiiidge loud towards the end.............and MAY or may not have scared the bejeepers out of the kids :)
I was too busy coveting Hannah's Sperrys to comfort them much....oops! Mom of the year right here, folks!

But aren't they cute?!?

We headed home after the parade and the kids napped long and hard. It was the perfect ending to the perfect day! We had a great time and I love the feeling of community I get on days like that (and the cheap wardrobe for my kids!). Thanks Benton!