Wednesday, August 1, 2012

All the time

God is good. All the time. Tessa's x-rays came back NORMAL!! Thank you Lord. Maybe now this paranoid mama can relax.........yeah right. I'm a worrier by nature, although I shouldn't be because God has proved himself time and again. I have to say, I didn't worry quite so much until I had babies!! My kids sure do keep me on my toes. I also had been concerned because there was blood in her diaper the last few days and we mentioned it at the doctor on Monday. He wasn't too concerned but said if it continued, we would need to check it out. Well, it continued (3 days  now) and so I called his office to let them know and the nurse said it can be really common for girls to have some bloody discharge for up to 2 weeks due to hormones from mom during pregnancy. That made me feel better, but we called a friend of ours who had a baby girl a little while ago and asked if they'd had that problem and they said yes. THAT made me feel total relief. They also said it's completely normal and their daughter's stopped in a week or so. I was so glad to hear that because it made me cry every time I saw it in her diaper. I just hate to think of her hurting or having problems. But of course, all is well!!

We haven't been doing a whole lot........just getting in a lot of quality family time and I LOVE it.
We took a few pictures yesterday and I love, Love, LOVE how they turned out!! I'm SO glad I have a little girl to complete our family!

There will be more to come. I love taking pictures of my sweet babies!

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