Wednesday, August 22, 2012

19 months

I'm a few days late on Tommy's 19 month post, but better late than never! That's my motto in life right now. Doing anything with 2 kids is SO much more time consuming than having one!!
Tommy, at 19 months, you are:
*weighing in at 28lbs

 *34 inches tall........and I can TOTALLY tell you've had a growth spurt. You're getting so tall and skinny!
*in 18 month clothes for the most part. You wear some 24 month shirts because the 18month neck holes are too small and they're usually too short :)

*still wearing a size 5 diaper

*in size 7 shoes
 *the pickiest eater EVER. It gets kind of frustrating. Some days you don't stop eating and some days I can't get you to take a bite of anything. And some days you eat meat, some days you don't. I never know what to give you that you'll actually eat because it seems to change by the minute!!And you're SOOOO messy! We always strip you down to eat!
*hilarious! You make us laugh every day. You get the orneriest grin when you know you're doing something naughty and it's so funny but we have to hide our faces so you don't know we're laughing :) You've also started doing this fake belly laugh and I have NO idea where you got it, but it is SO funny!
*SO smart. You know exactly what we're talking about when we ask you to do something and are constantly doing something new. I'm starting to get cautious about what we say around you because of how much you understand and repeat!
*the BEST big brother! You love Tessa so much. Sometimes we have to make you stop kissing her because you smother her to death! You like to try to hold her bottle and every time she cries you say, "Uh oh!" You get really upset when she's crying hard and pull on our hands to come help her when we're not doing it fast enough for your standards :)

*still repeating a lot of words, but not using too many of them consistanly. You've added the words up, off and on to your vocabulary. And EVERYTHING is dog. We'll say, "Who's here?" and your immediate response is, "Dog!" So funny!
*acting like a 15 year old at times. The other day, you had my phone and you handed it to me and said, "Mom." When I didn't grab it right away, you thrust it in my face and yelled, "MOM!!" until I took it! Today you were playing with your friend Mallory and you took something she had. I told you to give it back and you rolled your eyes and let out a big sigh and handed it back to her. I think you're gonna have some serious attitude when you're older!!
*not very good at sharing yet. You've just lately been going back to Aunt Brooke's daycare and playing with your friends. You're learning, but you do a lot of toy-stealing. I'm trying REALLY hard to be patient and teach you but I get so frustrated because I don't want you to be "that kid."
*getting yourself into time-out a lot. We'd been doing time-out in your pack and play so you wouldn't be able to get out, but lately we've been putting you in your bedroom on your bed and most of the time, you actually stay put. We make you "apologize" by giving a hug and a kiss after you get out of time-out. It's really kind of cute because as soon as we let you up, you run to whoever got onto you and pucker your lips up for a kiss.

*getting friendlier! You didn't used to give out hugs and kisses to hardly anyone but now if someone's leaving, you'll say bye and it takes a little coaxing, but you'll give them a quick hug and kiss. So sweet!

Tommy, I have LOVED seeing you in your new role as big brother. It's taught me a lot more about your personality and how tender-hearted you really can be. I'm so excited to watch you grow each day and I can't wait to see what life has in store for you! 19 months is not so far away from 2 years old--and I can't BELIEVE that it's that close already! You're growing up so fast, baby boy. I'm glad that I can still tell you you're my favorite son :) Because you are so awesome and I hope you always, ALWAYS know how loved you are. Your daddy and I think you are so special and feel so blessed to have you in our lives!

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