Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Playing catch up and a photo shoot

This is kind of a random catch up post, so bear with me!

We've had a lot of THIS going on lately............
Lot's of runny, snotty, crusty noses with bad attitudes!

This poor little guy has been feeling miserable since Thursday. He started getting a runny nose and then the next day, he started running a low grade fever. His drainage was so bad that on Friday night, he threw up in bed. It scared him to death and we felt so bad for him that we let him crawl into bed with us for the rest of the night. I felt bad that he was sick, but this kid is CUH-RAZY to sleep with! He tosses and turns and kicks non-stop. So me and Nick didn't get much sleep, but he slept better with us :) He FINALLY seems to be getting better. We've been giving him over the counter cold medicine and I think it's doing the trick. Fingers crossed he's done with it and that it didn't get passed on to Tessa!!

On a brighter note, I've been released from my tri-weekly appointments at the wound care clinic! Thank you, Jesus!! It is truly an answer to prayer. I still have my wounds, but they said they've healed drastically and so much quicker than they anticipated that now my family can start packing it at home and I don't have to go back for TWO WHOLE WEEKS! That made my day! I was reeeeeeaaaaly getting tired of driving 30 minutes both ways to see a nurse for 5 minutes.

We did a little one-month photo shoot of Tessa (a few days late, but that's okay!) and I wanted some of Tommy and the three of us together. They turned out okay but neither Tessa or Tommy was in a good mood and it was REALLY hot outside, so these are the best I got!

I love my babies! I need to get a family picture taken soon! Tessa seems to grow by the minute and I feel like every time I see a picture of her, she looks completely different.

Not much else going on around here! We're pretty boring and that's the way I like it!

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