Saturday, August 18, 2012

Go Nuts!!

We had our first family outing last night. I was a little leery, but we tried it and I'm so glad we did! My brother texted me around 5pm and asked if we would want to come to a Wichita Wingnuts game at 7pm. I wanted to go so we could get out of the house and go do something as a family, but since it was later in the evening, I was worried Tommy would get tired really quick and be restless and bratty. But we decided to give it a shot.

We ran by Gander Mountain before we went to the stadium, so we didn't get there until the 2nd inning. Which was fine, because I had a feeling we weren't going to make it through the whole game anyways. We got the kids out of the car and made it to the ticket booth. Tommy only escaped once, which I counted as a victory because I had planned on chasing him at least 5 times :) We met my brother inside and I was glad that the stands were fairly empty because it meant Tommy could be loud and have a little moving room without driving people crazy. We settled in and started watching the game.

Tessa was thrilled with the whole thing--obviously.
 Tommy had fun watching the game with Uncle Brandon.
 Towards the end of the game, he started getting worn out and wanted to be on one of our laps.
 I love my boy!
 There was a Chick-fil-a cow there that Tommy was PETRIFIED of. He hated it! It was kind of hilarious.
He really enjoyed "watching" the game. He'd point and yell, "BALL!" every 30 seconds. Too cute!
 He kept looking up at these HUGE moths that were flying around above us and going, "Oooooo!"
 His goldfish kept him happy at the 8th inning. The game was taking FOREVER and after 2 trips to the bathroom to keep him entertained, the goldfish did the trick.

We're not huge baseball fans and I HATE that their name is the Wichita Wingnuts, but it was a fun and fairly cheap night of fun for all of us! Me and Nick particularly enjoyed when everyone would yell, "GO NUTS!!" We didn't have any major meltdowns and only had to change one dirty diaper on the bleachers :) Tommy did great and Tessa slept the whole time. I got pooped out and they were tied at the end of the 9th inning, so we left before overtime and the fireworks. Was kinda bummed to miss those, but it was 10:15pm and I knew we were pushing our luck with Tommy. Both  kids slept hard on the way home and Tessa didn't wake up until 4am for her bottle, so we got in a lot of good hours of sleep! Hopefully our next family outing goes this well!

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