Thursday, August 9, 2012


I hate to curse things........but I THINK I'm finally on the better side of this stupid c-section thing. I went to my OB yesterday. She said my incision is still draining, but not as quickly as she'd like. It's not infected yet, but if it doesn't drain faster, it could go that way quickly. She set me up for an appointment with the Wound Care Clinic at Wesley. Oh brother. I am SO over this incision. BUT.....I have been FEELING so much better. I haven't had any pain meds for 4-5 days and I can finally walk without feeling like I'm popping a stitch every other step. I think draining it has made the whole area around the incision not so tight and uncomfortable. So I'm okay with the wound care clinic thing since I've seen progress in the last few days.

Not to mention, Tessa has been sleeping better the last few nights, so mentally I've had a 100% turn around. It's AMAZING what a few good hours of sleep can do for a person. Brooke and I have been whipping out craft projects for her wedding like you wouldn't believe! And I've showered AND put make up on for FOUR days in a row now! Trust me--that's a huge accomplishment for me in these past two weeks :)

Speaking of which, I can't believe Tessa is already 2 weeks old. But at the same time, I can't believe it's only been 2 weeks. On the one hand it feels like she's been in my life forever and on the other, she's still so tiny and fresh and new. But I already know so much about her! She's gonna be like her mommy when it comes to waking up. It's a  big, dramatic deal each time and she stretches and yawns and grimaces for a good 5 minutes before she's fully awake. I also know she's impatient (which she might have also gotten from her mother). She doesn't whine or cry much, but man, when she wants something, she wants it NOW! But overall, she's a very sweet little girl. Her little smile has popped up a few times and she has a dimple in her left cheek, which I LOVE! I've always wanted a dimple, but never been blessed with any (not in the right set of cheeks anyways--a little mom humor--haha ;).

Tommy has been doing okay with everything, but has definitely had his fair share of meltdowns. The first week was awesome. The 2nd, not so much. He does pretty well during the day time, but in the evening, it's like he just goes into drama mode over EVERYTHING. Getting told no, getting told to do something, getting told.......anything, really! But I've been hoping and praying that would stop soon. It makes the evenings really hard because nobody wants to spend every spare moment they have as a family arguing with their toddler. It makes me sad and tired. But I also remind myself that he's had a lot of changes and our schedule has been crazy the last 2 weeks, so I try to give him a little grace.

Our families have been SO awesome with everything, though. They've really made the transition from 1 child to 2 SO much easier. Between all the baby-sitting, visits and meals that people have brought over, we haven't had to do a whole lot of work and it is so, So, SO appreciated!! I never realized how helpful it is to have someone bring a hot meal. I would so much rather have that than a present or anything else. It's great to have something home cooked without having to put in the time and effort to do it yourself. I think with 2nd children, instead of showers, they should have everyone sign up to bring a meal for the first week or two. How great, huh?!? Just think about it the next time you're wondering what you could do for someone who's had a child or a surgery or something along those lines.

Okay, I'm going to try to stop procrastinating now and write my toast for my sister's wedding reception. Wish me luck! I can't believe she's getting married in TWO DAYS!!

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