Thursday, August 30, 2012

Late-night conversations

My little guy has been a lot of work lately. Totally worth EVERY second, but I'm talkin a LOT of work. He's been sick lately, so we took him to the doctor when we took Tessa for her 1 month check up. He needed his 18 month immunizations anyways, so I figured it was a good time. Well come to find out, he has bronchitis so they put him on a steroid and on albuterol. That explains why he's been so stinkin whiny and mopey lately.

Our biggest fight has been with sleeping and bed time. He REFUSES to nap unless he's held down until he goes to sleep or he falls asleep in the car when we leave Brooke's. So I haven't been pushing naptime a whole lot. But bed time........that's a whole other story. Since Nick went to 3rd shift about a year ago, he'd been falling asleep in the bed with me and then I would move him to his bed and he would sleep there the rest of the night. It was usually a 5-10 minute process. He cuddled up and fell asleep very quickly, so I loved laying with him in bed untel he conked out. But lately (since Tessa's been born), bed time has been a HUGE pain in the butt. He refuses to lay down and tosses and turns. I try to hold him down so he'll be still, but he yells, pinches, hits........pretty much everything he knows he's NOT supposed to do but he's so mad about being put to bed that he acts out that way. It's SO frustrating because I get onto him and he laughs. As a mom, I honestly don't think there's anything more annoying than that!!

So I decided my new mission would be to get him to fall asleep in his own bed. I was dreading it because he's recently seemed to become afraid of the dark. Not sure why, but he won't go in a room if the light's not on. I knew I'd have to sit in his room until he fell asleep or it would be a battle that made both of us crazy. So Tuesday was the night I decided to start. I put him into his bed and he got up a few times and ran to my bedroom before I could catch him (he's stinkin FAST!). He kept pointing to our bed and saying, "Up! Up!" It made me sad because I know it's my fault and he doesn't know any better, but I kept picking him up and putting him back in bed. He finally laid still and fell asleep in about 10 minutes with me sitting beside him. Then on Wednesday........well, things didn't go that well :) I got him laid down and Tessa was sleeping in her bassinet right outside his bedroom door so I could listen for her at the same time. He was riiiiight on the verge of sleep when she started grunting and making noises. His little eyeballs immediately flew open and thus began our late night converstaion.............

Tommy: Uh-oh! Dess (this means Tessa)!! Dess! Uh oh.
Me: Sissy's okay. Let's go to sleep.
Tommy: Dooba-dooba dah (he says this phrase ALL. THE. TIME. No idea what it means).
Me:Shhhh........close your eyes
Tommy: Dog! Wuff. Dog!! Uh-oh.
Me: The doggy's barking loud, isn't he? Now get some rest.
Tommy: No, no!! Dog HUSH!
Me: CLOSE your EYES!
Tommy: Mom! Dad! Dog! Dooba-dooba dah! Uh-oh.........Dess!
Me:Tommy! Sleep! Now!!

I was on the verge of getting SUPER frustrated when his eyelids started drooping and I could tell he was a goner. He started to say something and I stopped myself from getting onto him again. Because even if it's an hour long process, there is nothing sweeter than watching your baby give in to sleep. When their eyelashes start fluttering.......their breathing evens out.......their head starts drooping to the side. They're just so peaceful and beautiful in that moment. His little lips puckered up and in his sleep, his hand reached out for mine. And every exhausting, draining moment from that day melted away and I tried to memorize the way he looked and smelled and our late night conversation. Because there will be some day when he won't want to talk to me. He won't need me to sit by his bed or tuck him in. And even if all he's saying is Dooba-dooba dah over and OVER again, it's the best conversation I could ever have.

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