Thursday, August 23, 2012

It's about time!

So my friend Stacia and I were pregnant together and had due dates that were only 4 days apart. We were so excited to have babies at the same time and since I was having a girl and she was having a boy, we bethrothed them (unbeknownst to them, of course!).

We ended up having them only 1 day apart. Spencer Evan Hobbs was born on July 24th and Tess was born on July 25th. And they were born in the same hospital on the same floor (possibly even in the same OR!!!). But here's the kicker. Stacia was on the 3rd floor after delivery and I was on the 5th. Due to security reasons (aka--the little tracking bracelets they put on babies ankles in the hospital) we couldn't take our babies off of the floor they were currently on. I didn't know this until today, but if you try to take a baby on the elevator with their ankle monitor on, it shuts down the elevator. It also locks the door to the stairs if you try to take the stairs. Good thing I didn't try that because it had crossed my mind!!

So even though we delivered 1 day apart in the same facility, we had to arrange for Spencer and Tess to meet OUTSIDE of the hospital. And it FINALLY happened today! We went to Stacia's house for awhile this morning and had a good time seeing big brother Landon and little baby Spence. He's so cute! He got all dressed up in his tie onesie :)
Tessa wanted to look her best for Spencer so we pulled out one of our cutest bows!
We woke Spencer up from his nap for these pictures and he wasn't too sure how he felt about it 
But Tessa was all puckered up and ready for some kisses!

Spencer was NOT having it. He let his mommy know how he felt about kissing.
But he DID finally decide it was okay to put his arm around her. You can tell by her face she loved it :)

When it was time to go, he had to have one last goodbye.

Isn't this too precious?!? Her first hand-hold with a boy other than her brother!!
Our photo session was kind of rough. It's really hard to get too floppy babies to sit up without falling over for more than 5 seconds :) But I'm glad they got to finally meet!! It was about time! Now if only we can convince them to get married someday...................

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