Tuesday, June 26, 2012

35 weeks

It's getting so real!!!!!!!! It's been "something that's going to happen a long time from now" for so long that when I think about being 35 weeks, my heartbeat picks up and I start having mini panick attacks! I thought this 2nd baby thing was supposed to be easier! So far, I'm stressing WAY more than I did with Tommy. But it's good and welcome stress. I can't wait for this little girl to get here!!

How Far Along? 35weeks

Maternity Clothes? Yes and they're getting too small :(

Weight Gain? 13 lbs. Thank God no more weight gained since last week

Stretch Marks? No new ones

Gender? Pink :)

Sleep? It's been okay.....starting to pee more. Having some pelvic discomfort, so hard to get comfy.

Food Cravings? glazed donuts from Quick Trip and Rootbeer. And I've really been wanting some of those huge chewy sweet tarts!

What I Miss? Not being out of breath all the time, my ankles, painting my toe nails, hopping up off the floor.

Symptoms? Some serious heartburn and disgustingly swollen ankles and fingers.

Movement? quite often with all the donuts and root beer I consume :) She's rolling around like crazy and feels extremely large

Belly button? In

Worst Moment of the Week? The hip/pelvic pain and discomfort that have come back. They went away for about a month and now it's back and even worse :(

Best Moment of the Week? Swimming with my boy a few times. My body feels so UNencumbered in the water!! And he's so much fun to play with!

Scariest Moment of the Week? When we were swimming at the Towanda pool, I was going to lift Tommy up over the side to hand him to my cousin and I didn't realize the side of the pool slanted, so my foot slipped and I hit the wall belly first. It was super scary and I got super paranoid after it happened. Luckily, I didn't hit it too hard and she was moving around plenty, so that eased my mind. But still something I want to avoid happening again!!

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