Wednesday, June 20, 2012

17 months

My not-so-little boy is 17 months already! And he's changing by the second. The other day, he was laying on the couch and his legs were so long that he took up over half the couch! Nuts.

Tommy, at 17 months, you are:

*weighing about 27 lbs

*around 32 inches tall

*still wearing a size 5 diaper

*wearing size 18-24 month clothes

*in a size 6 or 7 shoe. Your feet are HUGE!!

*talking up a storm. You don't say any sentences (that make sense, anyways). You will look at us and ramble on for 30-45 seconds using sounds that SEEM like words, but they're not. You DO say a lot of things though and are repeating a lot of what we're saying :) We're trying to talk more carefully. Your favorite things to say are dog, dad, truck and bug.

*FINALLY "saying" please. We have been working with you on this for a long time now. You refuse to say the word, so we taught you the sign for it. For the past few weeks, we would tell you to say please and you would shake your head and say no. But in the last 3 or 4 days, I'll say, "what do you say?" and you do the sign with a big smile on your face!! I think you figured out it gets you what you want a lot faster :)

*the sweetest boy. You know what the word sad means, so when you do something that's not nice, I'll say, "That makes mommy sad." and you run over and hug me and kiss me and pat my head. Too cute! You're very attentive to what people are feeling and for the MOST part, make sure that they're happy.

*driving! Okay, not really, but your Nana bought you one of those little red and yellow cars (that we named Charlie) and you LOVE it. We have to bring it inside at night so you can play in it. You like driving it, but your favorite thing to do is just open the door and get in and out of it a million times. It keeps you entertained for hours!

*refusing to eat meet. We're going to get you a multivitamin because you spit meat out all the time. There's an ocassional one or two nights a week where you'll take a FEW bites of meat, but then you're done. And you've been doing something weird with your tongue, so I'm not sure if it's related or not. You stick your tongue out a lot and make a noise like something is hurting and you scrape at your tongue. Very odd. We'll see how that goes in the next few weeks. I think it might just be a stage.

*ornery as sin. A lot of times when you don't want to do something, we'll tell you NOT to do it and then you immediately run to do it. For example, if we want a hug and you won't give us one, we'll say, "You better not give mommy a hug! Don't you do it!!" And then your little legs come flying! And SOMEWHERE along the road, you've figured out to point your nerf dart gun and say, "bow!bow!" which I'm not sure I like. You're so little to know that guns shoot at people! I think you and daddy play with your nerf gun too much :)

*in LOVE with the outdoors. You can't get enough of being outside. Your hair is turning blonder and blonder because you're in the sun so much. I got out the sprinkler a few weeks ago thinking you would love it and....I was wrong. You HATED it. You saw me standing in it, so you ran to me and then started screaming as soon as the water hit you! We're going swimming this weekend (hopefully), so we'll see how you like that.

*copying EVERYTHING that EVERYBODY does. The other day, aunt Brooke killed a bug and when daddy came to pick you up, you grabbed his hand, took him to the spot where she killed it and re-enacted the whole thing for him. Then the other night, I shook your blanket out to make sure there weren't any spiders in it and you proceded to pick up all your other blankets and shake them. It's so funny and cute, but we have to really watch what we're doing now!!

*smart! You're figuring out some directional things like behind, above, the next one, that way, etc. You know who people are and can point to them when we ask, "where's Nana? where's mommy?" and you know that YOU are Tommy!!  You can find matching shoes. When we tell you to go get your shoes, if you bring us mismatched ones, we'll say, "go find the one that looks like this!" and you do!! You know all your body parts like eyes, ears, nose, tongue, toes, belly, hands, hair. You've even been trying to dress yourself and you try to help put daddy's socks on him before work :) It's pretty funny.

*not too excited to be a big brother. And I hope that changes! Not that you really know what's going on, but you're starting to get a little jealous. If someone has their hand on my tummy trying to feel Tessa move, you come over and take their hand off and start pulling on them to follow you. And several times we've said, "Tommy, do you want to see baby Tess? Are you excited to be a brother?!?" And you shake your head and yell NO!'ll be love at first sight, right?

Son, you are SO awesome and I LOVE every single minute of having you. Even the crazy, stressful minutes because it means for every one of those, I get a million calm, sweet moments with you. I love seeing your little blond head pop over the side of the bed in the mornings and I love watching your long skinny legs run towards me for hugs. I get worried that when Tessa comes you'll think we love you less, but I promise not to give up those night time cuddles or open mouth kisses that you give all the time. I will try my hardest not to be too busy for you or too tired for you. You are so fun and sweet and deserve the best mom in the world (which I know I am not, but work hard to be better every day). I love you a million times over and am so glad every day that I get to be your mommy.

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