Friday, June 22, 2012

Midnight memories

Last night was a night I'll never forget. To most, it will be impossible to understand why it means anything, but to me, it will always mean everything.

Nothing significant happened. It was of those nights. My mom cleans house for people and a lot of them have swimming pools that they LOVE to share with her in the summertime. The people whose house she cleaned last night actually own a pool business, so needless to say, their pool is beautiful and spotless. Being as warm as it's been, I've been DYING to get in a pool and my mom knows that. So she asked the people she was cleaning for if they would mind if me and Tommy came over and swam with her. They said the more the merrier, so we went. And I'm SOOOOO glad we did. We made a trip to Wal-Mart first, so we didn't actually get to where my mom was until almost 10pm. I was hesitant to get in the pool because it was Tommy's bed time, but thanks to an early evening nap, he was not tired in the least. I was dreading driving home with wet suits and towels, but the heat got the best of me and I gave in to swimming.

I've been wanting to take Tommy swimming all summer, but due to work and busy weekends, I haven't been able to. I was super jealous because my sister and mom had taken him one day last week while I was working. I was sad that I missed out on his first big boy swimming experience, but I wanted him to be able to get out of the house and not have to miss out on things just because I'm not there, so I let them take him. But last night totally made up for it. I don't know if it was the fact that it was pitch black outside and we were swimming under the stars or the fact that he was in an exceptionally good mood or that fact that in water, my pregnant body feels weightless and unhindered.....but it was almost magical. Corny, but true. A lot of times when we're with Nana, Tommy only wants Nana. But last night, he kept throwing his skinny, wet arms around my neck and reaching for me and swimming around with me. HE asked ME for kisses (which NEVER happens--I usually have to beg for them!). And his little personality was just so fun last night! He jumped off the side of the pool into my arms about 100 times. He kept putting his face in the water to blow bubbles. He was kicking and "swimming" like a pro. I loved it! And I'll forever be grateful that I didn't let the late hour or the wet towels or the drive home at midnight keep me from swimming with him. We had so much fun-his little blonde head was shining in the moonlight, his eyes were full of laughter and his crooked grin kept popping up on his face.

Maybe it's the fact that we're getting ready to welcome a new little girl into the family, but I've started thinking about how few and far between moments like that are going to become. I won't be able to be alone with him again for awhile after she's born and I feel like time with him is slipping through my fingers. I know having Tessa here is going to be fun and make our family even better than it is, but I get afraid that Tommy's going to think he's being left behind or that he'll feel neglected. And I hope that's not the case. It would break my heart for that to happen!

So you better believe that when he wanted to hold my hand the whole drive home, I hung my arm over the back of the seat until it was numb and tingly. I wasn't letting go of that little hand for anything. And I snuggled him until he fell asleep and even let him stay in my bed for a few hours. Because even if he won't have a single memory of that night, I'll hold onto it for the rest of my life.

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thehighbargers said...

That was soooooo sweet!! Now to get a tissue! :)