Tuesday, June 5, 2012

32 weeks

How Far Along? 32 weeks

Maternity Clothes? Yes....although starting to have a hard time looking decent in them. I feel HUGE with this child!!

Weight Gain? 6 lbs, but flucuates every week between 6 and 8 lbs

Stretch Marks? Not new ones.

Gender? All girl!

Sleep? It's been okay. Not awesome but not awful.

Food Cravings? Pixie sticks--deliciously sour AND sweet!

What I Miss? having a lap to put Tommy on, normal ankles, not getting hot just by breathing

Symptoms? SERIOUS heartburn, ankle swelling...starting having some nausea and lower back pain this week. Um, I thought my nausea was done with in the first trimester?!?!

Movement? Pretty constant--and I'm loving it!

Belly button? In

Worst Moment of the Week? yesterday was pretty not awesome because I felt so sick.

Best Moment of the Week? A baby shower on saturday for my preggo friend and tanning at the lake with my favorite sister on Sunday!

Scariest Moment of the Week? Thinking about how soon she'll be here and their room STILL isn't done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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thehobbs said...

The shower was awesome! And let's talk about how I just hauled out all the baby clothes/blankets/random stuff to wash it and just sat and stared at the pile having no idea where I was going to put it all. This little one may be living out of a plastic tub...