Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Mid Week Randoms

*Christmas is only 39 days away. Whoa. And I have only bought about 4 presents. Gotta get goin, but gotta get motivation first :)

*I got to spend TWELVE hours alone. As in, all by myself. My mom came and picked Tommy up last night around 7:30pm because this girl was feeling very not good (major headache with nausea). I got to lay in bed and do nothing but take Tylenol around the clock and drink lots of water. And SLEEP until 8:00 this morning! It was wonderful (and I'm feeling a little better, too).

*I have been craving Sprite. Which is odd, because I have NEVER enjoyed Sprite or Sierra Mist or anything like it. But lately, it's all I've been drinking. And it. Is. GOOD.

*I took some senior pics on Sunday and LOVE how they turned out. I tried a few new props and am so glad I did because they add a little something different.

*Tommy is all over everything every day all the time. He walks more than he crawls now and he is fast.

*I get to spend time with my bestie Hannah tonight. And oh man, do I need some girl time. Like a flower needs water to grow, like bread needs yeast to rise, like a sewing machine needs a needle to sew! (too much? Yeah, I thought so.) But really, I can't wait.

*I really want to re-do my entryway but can't think of a color that would look good with the kitchen AND the bathroom (which are both off the entryway). Hmmm.........

*It's FREEZING cold today and I love it. Now if only it would snow a little. I really hope it snows on Christmas this year. It just makes for the perfect day.

*I've been thinking lately--why are pictures of Jesus always of a white man?? I don't think Jesus was white. He was middle Eastern, soooo........just a thought

*I'm still deathly afraid the bar on the turn pike is going to swing down on me when I go through the k-tag.

Hopefully I'll blog soon about something OTHER than midweek randoms :) Right now, my brain is drained other than random floating thoughts that sometimes make sense, but usually don't. Happy week-before-Thanksgiving!!

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