Friday, November 4, 2011

Trick or TREAT!

Tommy's first Halloween was so fun! Nick was gone on a business trip, so that was kind of stinky, but we managed to have some fun anyways!

We started the night at Grandma and Papa's house for chili and treats. Mommy got a tummy full of warm goodness and Tommy got his first taste of Grandma Esther's M&M bribing :) He loved the M&M's but kept getting distracted by the doggies, so the only pictures I got were the back of his head (go figure).

We met up there with the cousins to get a few pictures. This was their first year of all of them getting dressed up together. We had a hotdog, a dinosaur and Mary, mother of Jesus. No lie. It was the cutest!! About a month ago, I asked my niece, Isabelle, what she wanted to be for Halloween. She looked at me and without hesitation said in her sweetest little voice, "I'm gonna be Mary, mother of Jesus!" And she  was!! Mackayla was the dinosaur and Tommy was obsessed/scared of her dino head. He kept staring and trying to touch it.

After our party at the Wilhelm's, we headed over to pick up Nana and go trick or treating! I don't know if anyone caught on, but I was mustard and she was ketchup. We basically just wore jeans and red and yellow t-shirts with signs indicating what exactly we were :) Tommy was SOOOOO tired by the time we got started but he perked up a little when we started seeing a bunch of kids out and about. He loved looking at everyone in their costumes. But by the END of the night, he was SO done. Hence his face in the picture below with Momma Mustard.

Our last stop of the night was the Sabala's house where we just happened to fun into Tommy's girlfriend, Mallory Horyna. She was sporting the CUTEST pink leopard outfit!

He was probably the world's cutest hotdog and I just wanted to EAT HIM UP!!!! (pun intended!)

I AM excited for when Tommy can walk and we don't have to haul him in and out of the stroller (I think it will make trick or treating much easier!), but it was so much fun taking him around and showing him off to all our friends and family. Hope everyone had a safe and Happy Halloween!!

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