Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

The pumpkin patch was not everything I've ever dreamed of. I had never been to one before (yes, I'm sure. No, my class didn't go when I was little and I just forgot about it), so I was looking forward to sharing a first for me AND Tommy! We decided to go last Saturday and we were AMPED! Okay, I was amped. Tommy was being his normal, care-free self just going along with the flow.

We met up with my mom and cousin and headed to Apple Jack's Pumpkin Patch.

When we got there, I realized it was the WINDIEST day EVER!!!! Like, my hair was literally in my face so much I couldn't see where I was walking.

See what I mean about the hair ?!?
 Poor Tommy got dirt in his ears and teeth. But that's okay! Onward we went!!
He wore this goofy red hat all day because I just happened to have it in the car and he needed his ears covered since Kansas decided to have a wind hurricane that day. But in spite of the goofy red hat, he got to sit on tractors.................

and pet baby goats....................

 We rode the HUGE slide that doesn't look the least bit intimidating until you're at the top getting ready to slide down with your 9 month old baby on your lap. Then it makes you start thinking things like, "What if I accidentally let go of him and he slides down by himself?!?", "What if we flip over and he gets stuck under me and squished on this slide of death?!?" Anyone else have those questions or was it just me? Oh, just me? Okay, never mind then :) I would like to mentally prepare you for the photos that are about to follow. They're not the best work I've ever done. The fear is evident in my face :) Enough said.

He got to play with pumpkins, although we didn't go out to the ACTUAL pumpkin patch. I wish we would have but by then, I wasn't feeling too hot and Tommy was getting tired of being put in and out of his stroller. He REFUSED to look at me in any of these pictures. He was too obsessed with the white pumpkins.

It wasn't the pumpkin patch trip of my dreams, but it was me and Tommy's very first visit and it was together, so it was great! If Nick didn't have to work and could've been there, it just might have been perfect! I am loving the holiday season with this little guy and can't WAIT for Christmas with him!!

And of course, he saved his best and cutest smiley face for AFTER the pumpkin patch.....that little ornery stinker.

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