Monday, July 28, 2014

Just a moment

It only lasted for a moment.......his cheek on mine.

Moments before, he had creeked open my bedroom door and peeked around to see if I was awake. I was, of course, but only because I had heard his tip-toeing across the kitchen floor.

He whispers into the dark--"Mommy?"

I motioned for him to come in and he didn't hesitate for a second, lest I change my mind and send him back to his own bed. He ran to my bed and climbed up and over me. He always wants to snuggle. Or more like lay directly beside me with at least one arm over me and one leg on top of mine. He tries to get as close as possible--until I can't tell where he ends and I begin. Which is natural for mother and child , because after all, that's how we started.

I could tell he was trying to stay awake because oh, how this child hates to miss any moment of life, but his eyelids got droopy and his breathing got quiet.

I gently moved him away from me after he fell asleep because as much as I love the cuddling, he's a horrible person to share a bed with. I sometimes cringe when I hear him coming before the alarm clock goes off because he always kicks and turns and tosses and ends up upside down and backwards from where he started. That the quiet stillness....he rustled a little bit and I thought, "Here it comes....the moving around.....I won't get a moment of sleep from here on out...". But I was wrong.

All while with his eyes closed, he felt around the bed until he found me, lifted his hand to my face and put his cheek on mine. It only lasted a moment.......but what a moment it was. My face was squished and his morning breath tickled my nose, but my heart was so happy that even in his sleep, my son could find his way to his momma and rest with me.

I could've cried for the joy I felt....a simple thing, but none the less, one of the things that make life worth living.

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Alisha Garcia said...

What a precious moment to enjoy!