Tuesday, July 15, 2014

4th of July 2014

We came home from vacation in time to host our annual 4th of July party. As usual, we had a great time with our sweet families. My mom, Brooke and Michael, Brandon and Joanna and all of Michael's family came over for dinner and fireworks. It was so nice!

Tommy and Tessa actually got along pretty well, which always makes things better!

These sweet stair-step cousins always have a good time together!

 Nana brought all the kids these squirt guns.......they were a lot of fun until they started squirting the grown ups!

The best part of the party was finding out if Brandon and Joanna were having a boy or a girl!! They had their first sonogram the day before the party, so the big reveal was on the 4th of July!

If it was a blue firework, it was a boy and if it was a red firework, it was a girl!

And it's a ..................


That's right! Three girls :) My poor brother is going to be waaaaay outnumbered! But we're all very excited to meet her now that we know she's a her!

After the gender reveal, we shot off all our fireworks. Tommy found one with his name on it and had to have it! It actually turned out to be be pretty cool.

 The girls picked us some SUPER pretty flowers...........;)

And just a few random shots from the rest of the night..............

Aunt Brookie got lots of snuggles..........

And Nana ended up with some sleepy kiddos on her lap.......

The best part of the night is when we can stand out in the middle of the yard and we can see all the fireworks shows in Augusta, Andover and Wichita. It's beautiful!

I feel blessed that thousands of man and women give up their safety and freedom so I can have mine. Thank you to all who serve and made it possibly for me to spend the holiday with my family!

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