Monday, August 4, 2014

My 2 year old daughter

Tessa Grace--

You are two!! How is that possible?! I still remember the day I found out we were having a girl. It seems like just yesterday. And now, here you are, my sweet little blond haired, gray eyed girl that walks and talks and has turned into such a little adult!

You are absolutely cracking us up every day with the things you do and say. Your sense of humor is so quirky! You'll say, "Mommy! Mommy--look at me!" And when I look, you're doing something totally random, like standing on one foot. YOU think it's hilarious! And so do I, but just because you get so tickled pink with the things you do! You "tickle" us by scratching us to death and saying, "Teeckle, teeckle, TEECKLE!!"

You are so determined and focused to do things for yourself. Some days it's funny and some days, it drives me absolutely batty. Your favorite thing to say is, "Me do it!" If you wanted to do something yourself, but we're already done it for you, you go back and do it again. Like if you want to put away a book, but we already have, you get the book out again and put it back up yourself. SO stubborn!

You are SO sassy. You've really gotten into purses and lipstick and perfume and sunglasses lately. It's SO fun to watch! Every time I turn around, you're taking your chapstic out of your purse and putting it all over your face. We've had to hide it from you because it seems to go everywhere EXCEPT your lips. You put change in your purse and try to pay for everything when we go shopping! It's pretty stinkin cute!

You seem to be a bit of a leader and I don't think you know it yet. Granted, you don't always take the best route to get people to follow your lead (let's just say you've pulled some hair, pushed a few kids around and gotten more than one time out in the process!). But especially with your brother......he very much follows your lead and looks to you to see how you react in situations. I'm hoping you learn this is a gift and use the appropriate means in the future!

You have a tough girl exterior--when you fall and get hurt, you don't want anybody to touch your or comfort you for a few minutes. When you're in trouble, you cross your arms and when you're asked to apologize, you say, "Uh-uh!" and choose to stay in time out for a few extra minutes until you soften up a bit. But on the're a totally mushy momma's girl. As soon as you're done crying over your boo-boos, you run to me and ask me to kiss it. After you give up on being stubborn in time out, you come give the biggest hugs and kisses and say, "Sowwy, Mommy." You cry when your feelings are hurt and are very passionate about EVERY feeling you have--good or bad!

You are VERY shy. Whenever we're in a new situation or around a lot of people, you get super quiet and SUPER unfriendly. You won't talk to anyone (even the people you know) and either stay off the the side by yourself or hang on for dear life to a familiar face! I hope you grow out of it, because I remember being painfully shy and I feel like it held me back from so many things! And you have such a fun personality that I want people to get to know the little girl I get to know! It's funny because people spend a lot of time trying to get you to talk and you absolutely refuse. But the second they leave, you start jabbering away about that person and saying their name and talking about them! You are SO ornery!

 My sweet girl---You are everything I didn't know our family needed. I love everything about you--your sweet and your spice, your naughty and nice, your happy and sad, your good and your bad. All of it. You challenge me in a way your brother never did with your attitude and sensitivity. I feel like I learn something new about you every day! You constantly keep us on our toes and fill our hearts with love (and anxiety!). I've enjoyed watching you grow up so much, but am really sad that you're moving out of the cuddly, sweet, calm phase and into the active, independent TWO YEAR old phase! It's hard, but awesome at the same time!

We love you, Gracie girl! Happy 2nd birthday!

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