Saturday, July 12, 2014

The rest of vacation

So while our first day wasn't that great (you can read about that in my last post), the rest of our vacation was pretty wonderful!!

Our kids behaved fairly well, with only a few melt downs--which is less than I expected since we were not at home and in our normal routine.

We did lots of boating, shopping, relaxing and EATING!

Our kids did lots of driving their aunts and uncles crazy  playing.....
 I got to spend a lot of time with this sweet (and ORNERY!) little girl!

 We saw some beautiful sunsets!

We had some delicious Mexican food and ate one of the BEST burgers I've EVER had.....
It's called a squeeze cheese burger and it's from the Squeeze Inn Cafe in Stockton, MO. Go there. You won't be sorry. It just oozes with melted cheese. Your hips will hate you, but your lips will looooooove you.

 We watched some REEEAAALLLY dumb teenagers jump off a REEEEAAAALLLLY high and steep cliff.....and not be able to get back up it! Three of them jumped into the water right by our boat. One of them climbed back up and the other two tried for 45 minutes to get up the cliff, but couldn't even get themselves out of the water. And it was getting dark. I told Tommy if he ever did something that stupid, he better not tell me about it!
Oh, to be young and dumb again.

The favorite part of my vacation was spending time with my little family. It's not very often that we're all together for several days in a row, so I loved getting to see my hubby and kids almost every hour of every day!

So glad this year was better than last!!!

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