Friday, July 11, 2014

What's in a name?

So I read a lot of blogs and a few of the bloggers have had babies recently or are having babies soon. Some have written about how important it is to give your child the name that was meant for them. That you should pray and spend weeks upon weeks picking the perfect, meaningful, uplifting, inspiring name for your child. And that's all fine and dandy. 
But in my opinion, you name your kid whatever you like! I mean, I want my daughter to be happy and have a song in her heart and know she's loved by God. But I'm not going to name her Theophilia Carolina because that's a HORRIBLE name (sorry if that just happens to be your daughters name!). I liked the name Tessa!! And I want my son to be strong and to be a blessing to people, but I'm not going to name him Ekon Berwin (literally means strong blessing). We gave Tommy his name because it's what we liked and we wanted to carry on a family name! The name you give a person does not define them. If you call a dog a fish, he's still going to act like a dog because that's what he is and that's how he was raised to be.

If I name my daughter Tessa Grace (Tessa means harvester and Grace...well, hopefully you know that meaning), it doesn't mean she's not going to grow up to be happy and loved by God! She'll hopefully be a product of her environment and she'll happen to have a pretty name that I love! I feel like some people put WAY too much thought and emphasis on naming their kids.

However, that HAS led me to do some research into what MY name means (just for the fun of it). Here's what I found in my googling process.....
 **This is what several websites said.....
The name Brady is a baby boy name.
Gaelic Meaning:
The name Brady is a Gaelic baby name. In Gaelic the meaning of the name Brady is: Spirited.
American Meaning:
The name Brady is an American baby name. In American the meaning of the name Brady is: Spirited.
English Meaning:
The name Brady is an English baby name. In English the meaning of the name Brady is: From the broad island.
Irish Meaning:
The name Brady is an Irish baby name. In Irish the meaning of the name Brady is: Spirited; Broad.

 **The urban dictionary had THIS to say about my name.....

 To leave a social situation without saying goodbye or letting others know you are leaving. A sneaky exit. 
A. Where did you go last night? Did you brady? I couldn't find you?
B. Yeah, you people are a bunch of losers.

**And my name is also a medical prefix. It's meaning is SUPER inspiring....

Type: Term

Pronunciation: brad′ē
1. Slow. 
________________________________________________________________________________ just to sum that up for you, my name is a BOY name (which I've been told over and over and OVER) and it means spirited (true), broad (ha! true!),  slow (SO true) and is a slang term for being shady (NOT true!).


So let's just say I'm glad I believe that names don't dictate who you are!! I tried to make myself feel better by researching my middle name. It means lake. Woo-hoo. Loosely translated, my name reads Slow spirited Broad Island Lake. Thanks, mom. 

I decided to look up my husband's name to see what Mr. Google had to say about him. I was kiiiiinda hoping it would be worse than mine. Stupid idea.
 **This is what most websites said........

GENDER: Masculine
USAGE: English, French
PRONOUNCED: NIK-ə-ləs (English), nee-ko-LAH (French)   [key]
Meaning & History
From the Greek name Νικολαος (Nikolaos) which meant "victory of the people" from Greek νικη (nike)
 This is what urban dictionary said about my husband........
1. Nicholas
The coolest guy in the world, but can be an a**hole from time to time and is carefree when it comes to just about anything. Basically he just doesn't give a s***......

A Nicholas or Nick....enjoys chonga and the finer things in life....He is a drifter and a daydream believer....some might speculate that the Nicholas is a conceited, hopeless romantic, and is most likely a loner.
(Jessica)- have you talked to that conceited a**hole Nicholas lately?

(Britney)- No, why?

(Jessica)- Because i want to confess my love to him....his bad ass careless attitude just makes me go crazy for him.

(Nick off in the distance)- D**n straight. Nobody can resist this body. 
NOT FAIR! My husband ALWAYS wins!! Of COURSE his name means victorious and I have to say that although my husband isn't nearly as douchey as the "urban dictionary Nicholas", the attitude is spot on! ;) My husband is a VERY cool guy that can sometimes come across as an a-hole (but really isn't) and of course that's what attracted me to him in the first place!
  Then I looked up his middle name, James, hoping it meant super nerd or something super lame (like lake). 

This is what I found...........

James means Supplanter
Now, I wasn't sure what a supplanter was, but it sounds SUUUUUUPER lame, right? No. It's not.
This is what google said about supplanter------Supplanter often refers to governments and rulers of countries, and it comes from the verb supplant, which evolved from the Latin supplantare, meaning "to trip up or to overthrow." 
So to review, my name means Slow spirited broad island Lake........ Nick's name means Victorious Ruler. 

Slow spirited broad island Lake........Victorious Ruler. 


Well, Victorious Ruler, this Slow spirited broad island Lake loves the heck out of you and I'm glad I got to marry someone with such a fabulous name!

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