Tuesday, July 8, 2014

A Shocking Day.....literally

Every 4th of July, we go on vacation with Nick's side of the family. This year, we went to Stockton, MO. We left on Thursday afternoon (June 26) and we were both off work until Monday, July 7th. TEN SWEET DAYS OF VACATION!!!

Last year's vacation was.........a little.............horrible. You can read more about that here. So I figured there was no WAY this year could be worse than last year and was excited to head out! As soon as we were done with work, we packed up and started our 3 1/2 hour drive. And it went great! We only had to stop twice for a potty break and kept the kids entertained with lots of snacks and they were pretty much perfect travelers! I was so glad. Vacation is much more relaxing when they aren't crying/whining/pooping constantly.

And they met a huge M&M on the way there that was the highlight of the trip for them!
I think Tessa hugged that thing no less then 10 times.

We got there around 8ish and ate a quick dinner and went to bed. 

And then we woke up the next day. That was our first mistake :) We should've stayed in bed.

Nick and Tommy got up to go fishing with his dad. Tess stayed at the house with me. We were going to go shopping, so we were getting around. I was sitting on the middle of the bed and told Tessa to come up there so we could get her dressed. She reached up from the end of the bed, so I held onto her hands and pulled to get her up (which we have done a MILLION times in the past!). I pulled gently for a second, but couldn't get her up, so I let go and she walked around the side of the bed. She was kind of being whiny, but didn't say anything. I picked her up and when I touched her right arm, she started crying. I remembered hearing about one of my cousins getting part of their arm popped out of the socket when they were little like Tess, so I started trying to move her arm. I moved her shoulder and she was fine, I moved her elbow and she was fine, but when I touched her wrist.....oh goodness. Heartwrenching. She was sobbing (which is unusual for her) and had big, huge tears and kept saying, "Kiss it, Mommy!! Kiss it! Huwt. Huwt! Kiss it!"

Saddest. thing. ever.

I thought maybe we had pulled a muscle or something, so I gave her some ibuprofen. When she continued to cry for 20 minutes, I called Nick to come back (and thank God, they were JUST getting ready to put the boat in the water). He got home quickly and we packed her up and drove her to urgent care. She cried the whole way there (and by that point, I was sobbing too) and refused to move her right arm or use it for anything. I kept trying to get her to hand me stuff or point to something to see if she would use it and she just wasn't having it.

We got checked in and she finally seemed to be settling down and not hurting so much--I think the ibuprofen kicked in. She held her baby and I held her. We got called back after 15 minutes or so. The doctor examined her, they did an x-ray and confirmed that she had Nurse maid's elbow. Weird name, but apparently a very common occurrence. Basically, I had dislocated her elbow. Mom of the Year. HORRIBLE feeling to know you popped your own kid's arm out of socket! The x-ray showed that her radius was 5mm further up than it should have been.

But praise God, it was a super easy fix. The doctor held her hand and just turned her arm back and forth a few times and then gave it one really hard push up. She let out a loud wail and cried for about 20 seconds and then stopped and stared at her hand. She moved it a little and cried a little, then moved it again and realized she was perfectly fine! After that, you would never know anything had happened (except for the 900 stickers the doctor gave her and she plastered all over her shirt!).

It was such a sad experience :( My sweet girl hardly every cries when she gets hurt, so seeing her tears and hearing her beg me to kiss it so it would feel better.......whew. I was a goner. And I CAUSED IT!!! That was the worst part. But I did feel much better that the doctor said it was extremely common in her age (at least I'm not the ONLY bad parent in the world!).

I pretty much gave Tessa whatever she wanted for the rest of the day (mother's guilt). We did some shopping and hung out around the house most of the day. I was so glad to have our horrible morning behind us!

But it was not the end.

It was around dinner time and we were back in the bedroom. I was getting some stuff put away when I heard Tessa make a weird noise. I looked to my right and lo and behold---she was ELECTROCUTING HERSELF!! Whaaaa?!?!?! She had her hand on the electrical socket and sparks were flying all over the place.

Talk about a freak out! I started screaming at her to stop and she jerked her hand away. I ran over there and picked her up (not by her hands, mind you) and started hugging her and asking if she was okay. She seemed fine, was breathing fine, looked fine. She kept hanging her head and I could tell she was upset because she thought she was in trouble (and she SO was, once I realized she was going to be okay). Everyone had come into the bedroom because the lights had flickered and they heard me asking Tessa if she was okay. Upon further investigation, a fan was plugged in and my little girl took a dime and stuck it between the outlet and the fan. This was the result....
Again, PRAISE GOD that Tessa was okay and the carpet didn't catch on fire and the socket still worked fine.

Needless to say, we went to bed shortly after. I wanted nothing more to do with the day! God had gotten us through both incidents and I was ready for some sweet dreams. Luckily, that was the worst day of vacation and the rest of it was full of good times!

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