Thursday, July 17, 2014

So for anyone that knows me........'ll be shocked.

We got a cat. 

No, you didn't read that wrong. I, Brady Wilhelm, participated in picking out and bringing home a kitten. And I liked it. 

And these silly kids were ECSTATIC!

I'm not a huge animal fan, but don't mind them when they're outdoor animals. And that's exactly what we got this kitten for! He's going to live outside and hopefully keep mice away from our house. But I have to admit that he's VERY cute and VERY cuddly. I miiiiiight have held him.......several times.

His name is Socks because his feet are all white. The kids are over the moon, of course! They kept arguing over who got to hold him...poor kitty. I think he got "hugged" to death--which we all know in toddler terms means he was almost choked and carried by the neck. 

Here's to hoping he's a good mouse-catching cat!!

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