Thursday, May 2, 2013

Benton Days

Last Saturday was Benton Days. There a MILLION (and one) reasons that I loooove living in a small town and Benton Days is one of them. I grew up in Benton and I can remember hosting a Girl Scout event and making a float every year. Great memories! But I digress.......

We had planned to get up early to go garage sale-ing (no matter how I write that word, it never looks right!). My mom met me at our house and we loaded up the kids and drove (the short mile) into town to meet my bestie, Hannah.

I LIVE for garage sales! I can honestly only remember 3-4 outfits that I've bought for the kids brand new. I bought Tommy's whole wardrobe from birth to 2T the summer I was pregnant for him. I love the thrill of the hunt for a good deal!

We started off at this huge sale at the Benton storage building. They were having a free will donation sale. I found a TON of things for Tommy, a few for Tess and a couple odds and ends. Then we went to a few more sales around town and found lots of good deals!! And this is where I brag.....

By the time we were done garage saling (nope, that's not it either!) I got 50 pieces of clothing for Tommy, 18 for Tessa, 32 pairs of socks, 6 pairs of shoes, a huge picture frame, 2 bow holders and 2 baskets for $25 bucks. SO happy about that! I had literally prayed I would find a wardrobe for Tommy because after 2T, I have nothing stocked up! And God answered that prayer. Now we're good through size 5!! And Tessa....well she didn't NEED anything that I ended up buying for her (other than a few pairs of pants I got for next winter) but I sure picked up some cute stuff for this summer!

Hannah found some deals too! She got a WORKING grill for $20, some cute corner shelves and a REALLY cute candle sconce (it's BIG) for 50 cents!

I was so happy about our finds!!

After garage sailing (close, but no cigar), we went and ate lunch at the grade school. They were selling burgers, hot digs and chips. Why is that after a hard morning of spending money on cheap clothes a standard, frozen cheeseburger cooked on a grill tastes delish?!? But it was! SOOOO good!

Hannah had her niece Callie, so we headed back to my house after lunch in the hopes that both of the toddlers would fall asleep. No such luck. Callie passed out for a few minutes and Tommy blinked heavily a few times, but that was it. There was NO way they were going fall asleep and miss all the excitement of Benton Days!!

Next was the parade...Everyone was excited!!

Nick met us there and Tommy was so glad to have Daddy with him!!

The day had been forecast to be warm, but it was SO not warm. We had to bundle everybody up!

It wasn't a super exciting parade. Lots of fire trucks, four wheelers, lawn mowers (don't ask) and random floats with no theme or decorations. But it was fun! The whole town was out and they were throwing candy and the parade would stop so someone in it could talk to someone watching it. It's a small town thing and I couldn't have enjoyed it more.

It DID, however, get a smiiiiiidge loud towards the end.............and MAY or may not have scared the bejeepers out of the kids :)
I was too busy coveting Hannah's Sperrys to comfort them much....oops! Mom of the year right here, folks!

But aren't they cute?!?

We headed home after the parade and the kids napped long and hard. It was the perfect ending to the perfect day! We had a great time and I love the feeling of community I get on days like that (and the cheap wardrobe for my kids!). Thanks Benton!

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