Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Tonight, I got to pick them up from the babysitter after a long day at work.

Tonight, I got to unload the car and find a place to put them and all their stuff.

Tonight, I got to open a can of ravioli and warm it up in the microwave for their dinner because we'd rather have a quick meal and more time to spend together as a family, playing and enjoying the weather and comforts of home.

Tonight, I got to get onto my son for wrestling with his sister in the pack-n-play.

Tonight, I got to blow bubbles and watch Tessa pop them with her tongue.

Tonight, I got to panic because Tommy slammed Tessa's thumb in a drawer and worry that it was broken due to how big it got and how loud she screamed.

Tonight, I got to change 4 diapers that smelled unpleasant.

Tonight, I got to watch my 2 year old hold a bundle of wildflowers that we picked just down the street.

Tonight, I got to lay with each one of them until they fell asleep.

Tonight, I got to watch their eyes drift shut, only opening on ocassion to make sure I was still there.

Tonight, I got to watch that last sigh of contentment fall across their lips before they surrendered to sleep and their breaths got deep and even.

Tonight, I got to trace every outline of their face, count every finger on their hand and brush the hair back from their faces without them ever knowing.

Tonight, I realized again how lucky and extremely blessed I am to still have my children.

Tonight, I am thankful that I do not know the heartache that some parents are falling into.

Tonight, I am praying--that there is some kind of peace and comfort that one cannot even begin to fathom to heal their hearts.

Tonight.......and tomorrow........and the next day, in honor of those whose lives were lost in Oklahoma, I will hug my children tighter and longer.

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