Monday, May 27, 2013

10 months...ALREADY!!

Tessa Grace, in TWO short months you are going to be one year old. I can't fathom that right now. It seems like just yesterday I was trying to sleep at 3am because I was being induced the next day. Where has time gone?!?

At 10 months old, you are:

*around 20 pounds

*about 27 inches long

*in a size 3 diaper...and quickly making your way to size 4

*in size 4 shoes, which kills me! You had some really cute size 3s you never got to wear! But your feet are just so cute and pudgy!

*in size 12 month clothes. You do some 12-18month stuff. Funny story--about 2 weeks ago I put you in 9-12 month jeans. They fit your waist, but your poor little (or should I say big?) thighs were busting those jeans at the seams! Every time you tried to move, your jeans cut into your thighs and you just sat there like you were paralized :) Needless to say, I put you in the next size up!

*walking a LOT! You took your first steps when you were about 9 1/2 months but you were too lazy to actually walk and would only do it if we were making your or holding something for you to come get. But on Friday (5/24/13), we were in the basement and you walked all the way across it just because you wanted to! Now you're walking EVERYWHERE!

*so funny with your brother! You guys fight and wrestle and you really hold your own! You usually laugh the whole time! He really manhandles you and we have to get onto him sometimes, but you take it in stride!
*are so cautious. When you walk, you hold both hands out to the side very daintily and take the smallest, slowest steps. When you are trying something new to eat, you veeeeerrry slooooooowly put it up to your mouth and lick it first. If something makes a loud noise, you're very curious and I can tell you WANT to go explore, but you cling to mommy and look all around without moving.

*doing this laugh that's rediculously funny (and sometimes fake). Whenever anyone else laughs, you look at them and start laughing too. This short, punctuated chuckle that doesn't sound like a 10 month old little girl! You and your brother will sometimes just sit and take turns poking eachother and laughing. I have yet to figure out what's so funny, but it entertains you for hours, so why not?!?

*wearing pigtails almost daily! The first few times I tried to do your hair, you weren't having it. Now, if I give you something to play with, you sit pretty still while I put your hair up. And they just kill me with how cute they are!!

*just FULL of drama. You make the most hilarious faces and you over react to everything. I have NO idea where you get that from....alright, alright, I do the same thing. You get your feelings hurt easily so if you get in trouble by me or Tommy does something "mean" to you, you cry and cry like there's no tomorrow. But you're devious, too, I think. You have this little grin that just says, "If only you knew what I was thinking right now............."

You also make THIS face constantly....
"What? Me?!? You think I did that? I'm shocked!"
Mommy is scared of seeing those faces when you're a teenager.

*a daddy's girl! You just recently started holding your hands out to him to be picked up and whenever he holds you, you bury your head in his shoulder and just snuggle. I heard the funniest conversation between you two. You were trying to get in the fridge while he was in there and he told you no. You let out a squeal of defiance and he said, "Sis! Stay back from the fridge." No more than two seconds later, he sighed and said, "You own me." I looked over and he had picked you up and was snuggling you! Hilarious! You have that man wrapped around your finger! You went from being in trouble to getting snuggles in 2 seconds flat!

*so smart! You've started doing things that let me know you're learning a lot. You put the phone up to your ear, you dig through the sippy cups to get a cup and a lid (they never match, but you try), you put shoes up to your feet......all kinds of little things like that.

*licking everything. Like....EVERYTHING. Our fingers, shoes, clothes, chairs, swings.........
there's nothing that's safe from your long, sticky tongue!

*refusing to drink milk. We had you drinking at least a few ounces a day and now when you get even this slightest taste of milk, you turn your nose up at it and refuse to touch it again. Still trying to figure out what changed, because we were ready to start weining you off formula!

Tessa, you are SO much fun and SUCH a challenge! You can have the sweetest attitude and the craziest attitude. You are the best little girl two parents could ask for! I love watching you and Tommy interact. It's hilarious! You fight with all you have and love with all you have. I love, LOVE having you in our family and am so glad you "surprised" us with your presence! I can't wait to see how you grow in the next few months and years. We love you!

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