Friday, May 24, 2013

THE place to be

So our home now has the coolest hangout in town in our backyard. I know what you're thinking......and no, there's no cover charge! Admission is free! Amazing, considering all the work that went into it AND the fact that it was hand built by my husband and father in law from the ground up!

So are you just DYING to know what's in our backyard?!?  I know you are!

Wait for it........

Wait for it......


 Our own little piece of heaven right here on earth! It's already provided countless hours of free fun (well, free to us :) It was a gift from Papa and Grandma for Christmas)! The kids are LOOOOVING it.
He's such a big  boy, going down the slide all by himself!

And look at this little cheeser! She gets SO excited in that swing!

Daddy and Papa did such an awesome job getting this swingset up! It looks so good and I know we're going to get so much use out of it this summer. We don't live within walking distance of any play equipment, so having this will be priceless! Nick and I went back and forth on the location of the swingset. I wanted it closer to the house so in a few years, I could send them outside and be able to watch them out the window. He was insistant on putting in towards the back of the house. I finally just said that was fine because they were ready to get started and we hadn't officially decided yet.
I don't know if you noticed the land and the tree line in the background of the slide picture, but here it is again in case you missed it........
 Well, a few days ago, I finally figured out WHY Nick was so insistent on putting the swingset towards the back of our property. I noticed there was a "window" cut in the side and I commented on how perfect that was for Tommy to be able to look out into the field. Yeah. I started putting two and two together and as Nick chuckled deviously about the "window" he put in the "house" section of the swingset, I realized that man had snuck himself a deer stand under the guise of making our children a swingset! Sneaky!! Smart, but sneaky!
I've already loved the few summer evenings we've gotten to sit outside and enjoy while the kids played. I pull a chair out there and play footsie with Tess while Daddy helps Tommy climb up and down the ladder a million times to get to the slide.
Mmm, MMM! I could just EAT those toes up!! Look at those cute little pudgy ankles (hers, not mine ;).

I'm so glad we have this swingset and can't wait to watch them grow up on it. I'm sure in no time they'll be swinging from the rafters and hanging off the parts that aren't supposed to be climbed on while I'm yelling at them to be careful and get down. I just remember spending so many of my summers as a child playing on our swings and monkey bars and loving every minute of it. I feel so blessed to have the land and the beautiful surroundings that we have and that my kids get to enjoy it too. There's nothing more fun than being a country kid!!

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