Thursday, June 6, 2013

From the mouths of babes

My son is cracking me up lately. His language skills are really coming along and he says so many things that I can't believe come out of his mouth! His little personality is starting to shine, too. You can tell a general idea of how they're going to be pretty early on, but once they can talk...yeah. You get the idea REAL fast of what you're going to have on your hands for the next several years.

*The other night, Nick gave Tommy a cookie and I said, "What about mommy? Do I get a cookie?" He said, "NO!" I pretended to be sad, so he ran over to me and said, "Otay mom, you just can have a wittle bit." Then he stuck his finger out so I could lick the crumbs off of them. Wow. How generous :)

*I'll say, "Come here, baby!" or , "I love you baby boy!" He crosses his arms and says, "Me not a baby! Me Nommy James! Me a BIG boy!"

*He can make anything an insult by adding the word "head" to anything. I'll tell him he's silly and he says, "NO! You a silly head!" I say he's a nerd and he says, "YOU a newd head!!" He also likes to call us mac n' cheese heads. He thinks it's the ultimate insult.

*Tommy is not allowed to say the word hush. We had gotten to the point where he was telling us to hush or Tess to hush, so we banned the word from the house since it's basically a nice way of saying shut up :) However, he started saying this word, "Hoosies!" He would say it constantly and we could NOT figure out what it meant. Until we payed attention to the context of it. He was saying it when he was mad--and we finally figured out it's his subsitution for hush. He thought he was outsmarting us all because then he could tell us to shut up without getting in trouble because he was saying hoosies instead. It worked until we figured it out ;) Now "hoosies" is banned as well.

*He has always--ALWAYS--called me mom. Never mama or mommy. It was just mom. Until lately. Now he says, "Hi, MomMAY!!" I love it.

*I've started to not enjoy driving so much with him. Everything we pass, he says, "What dat is, Mommay? What IS dat?" I'll say, "It's a house." And he almost always says, "No, it not a house, Mommay!" So if he thinks he knows what everything is, then why does he ask EVERY time?!? Drives me nuts :)

*I DO love when we go through Towanda every day to go to Brooke's and he sees our church and says, "Dere's our duwch!" Makes my heart happy that he wants to be at church!

*He hears me talking baby talk to Tessa or to our baby chickens and he mimicks it. It's hiLARious! His voice gets really high and squeaky and his little face scrunches up and he just looks so cute while he's doing it. He'll say in his baby voice to Tessa, "Hi sis!! You so cute!" or he'll say, "Look at me dickdens (chickens)! Oh, HI baby dickdens!!" Love it.

*Sometimes when we ask him a yes or no question, he says, "Um, no." And it's not like a long, drawn out "um." It's like a sarcastic "um" when you're really thinking, "Hell no!" but you don't want to actually say hell. Makes him sound like he's 15.

*The other morning I was putting him in his carseat and held his arm straps out. I said, "Okay, put this arm put the other arm in." And he said, "Now we do dah hokey dokdie?" I about died laughing! I don't know who taught him the hokie pokey but apparently he likes it!

*He repeats everything we say. Which means we have to be MUCH more careful with our words but also makes for a fun game too! I say hard things like, "Supercalafragalisticexpealidocious" (or however you spell that) and then listen to him try to say it back. Hilarious! We laugh a lot :)

Tommy, you are such a fun loving little boy. You're a little LOT ornery and always make us laugh with the things you say.  It's so much fun to watch you learn and listen to what you come up with!! You are silly and hilarious! We love you!

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