Thursday, September 27, 2012

2 months

My, my how time flies. I can't believe my little lady is already 2 months old!!

Tessa, at 2 months old, you are:

*in size 1 diapers

*24 inches long! We're gonna have the same problem with you that we did with your brother! All your pants are too short and your legs are skinny, so they swallow your legs too :) After I took this picture, I thought you looked soooooo long!

*12.8 lbs. And you have worked for every single ounce of that 12 pounds! You work so hard when you eat :) Lots of grunting and drooling involved!

*speaking of eating, you eat 4-6 ounces every 2-3 hours. Some days, it feels like you eat CONSTANTLY! But you really don't. Feeding you can be quite the process at times. You seem to have some kind of reflux, so you do a lot of gulping and leaking out of your mouth. We'll take the bottle out to give you a break because you stop sucking, but then you FREAK OUT and want to start eating again immediately!

*in size 0-3 and 3 month outfits. You can wear a few newborn pants, but your onesies are too short. Some of the 3 month stuff is too big, but we make it work! I can't wait until you get a little bigger because you have some KILLER 3-6 month outfits :)

*SUCH a good sleeper!! Mommy loves it! You usually fall asleep between 9-10pm and sleep until 5 or 6am, eat a bottle and fall back asleep until 8am or so. But at least 2-3 nights a week, you sleep all the way through the night! Those nights are awesome!

*talking up a storm! You get this look on your face and then your little mouth starts moving and then about 15 seconds later, you finally push a sound out. It's hilarious to watch. But you'll just look at us and coo and talk and make all kinds of noises!

*such a smiley girl!! Especially right after you wake up (you must take after daddy, because mom and Tommy NEVER wake up smiling!). We'll get close to your face and talk to you and you just get the biggest grin!

*have had your 1st set of shots. You did great! You were asleep before you got them. That made me sad to wake you up from your peaceful sleep to get poked :(

Your bubby kept patting you and saying, "Dess!! Sis!" He had just gotten a shot and I think he knew what was coming for you.

This was miss Tessa AFTER her shots. I had a bottle ready and immediately fed her after her shots. But she cried SO much harder than Tommy did when he got his first shots. Her little face was bright red and she. Was. MAD. But luckily, it only lasted about 30 seconds. The bottle cheered her up :)

*trying tummy time. All you do is lick the blanket you're on, so I'm not sure it's effective yet, but we'll get there!

*much happier when you're sitting up. You don't really like laying down flat. You tolerate it for awhile, but then you get fussy and nothing helps except propping you up on the couch or your boppy!

*SOOOO in love with your brother. You just watch him all the time! You look at him and then start smiling and cooing. It's too cute!

Tessa, I have to be honest and say that I was worried before you were born that I wouldn't be able to love you as much as I loved Tommy or that I wouldn't be able to give you the time you needed because of your brother. But my heart has stretched to love you both more than I ever thought possible. You have made what I thought was an already perfect family even better. You make all of us smile and your sweet personality is the perfect compliment to your brother's attitude :) I love you so much. You are an amazing gift from God and I can't wait to watch you grow!! We love you, sissy!!

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