Saturday, September 22, 2012

20 months

20 months..........I can't believe it. It honestly seems like from 19 months to 20 months has been the biggest transformation I've seen yet. You seem to have gone from a little boy to a full blown toddler.

Tommy, at 20 months, you are:

*weighing in at 27lbs. Hasn't changed much in the last 5-6 months! You're too active to gain any weight!

*wearing a size 5 diaper still. Fingers crossed for potty training to start soon!

*in a size 7 shoe.

*34 inches tall. My tall, skinny boy!

*still a picky eater! You hardly eat meat still but have started eating a FEW more fruits. Not much, but you ate an entire apple one day and an entire banana the next! Mom thinks that's a HUGE deal!!

*biting things........a lot. It drives us  nuts! Not people so much, but when you're mad, you grab the nearest toy, sheet, ANYTHING you can get your hands on and bite it. It's kind of funny, but super frustrating too because biting is NOT NICE!!! :)

*talking up a storm. I think that's maybe why you seem so grown up now. I was kind of worried because you weren't talking much, but in the last month, your vocabulary has doubled. You consistanly say dog, mom, dad,Tess, sissy, up, more (moooowah), cookie (gookgook!), cracker (gookgaw--not to be confused with gookgook), juice (doooosh---not to be confused with douche;), down, on (on-nuh!), door (dooowah), football (booball) and quite a few more that I can't think of right now. You've also repeated a lot more than you used to. And you actually said your first sentence! You said, "Me do it!" and "What dat?". You only said them once, but you said them!

*SOOO busy. You never stop moving. But you're so much fun!

*becoming more independent. You love to do things by yourself and don't like for us to help! How appropriate that your first sentence was "Me do it."

*able to let us know what you want SO much better. Even though you can't SAY everything you know, you can shake your head yes or no if we ask you a question and you point to things you want. It makes life a little easier!

*going to sleep all by yourself in your own bed! I'm so proud of you!! I never thought we'd get to that point, but we're FINALLY there!! It makes bed time easier for everyone!

*the BEST big brother. I've been afraid you're going to get tired of Tessa, but you still love on her every day! You always want to hold her hand and kiss on her. When she cries, you say, "Uh-oh Tess1 Uh-oh! Bah-bah!" and you run to go get her bottle.
*so sweet for the most part, but are SUPER grumpy after waking up. Almost every morning and pretty much after every nap, you wake up crying and crying. I hate it because it makes everyone a little grumpy until you finally get over whatever you're mad about!

*super emotional lately. You get really upset when you get in trouble. Even if we nicely correct you, you run off crying and hide in a corner until you're over it. I don't know how to work with you on that, but I hope you stop doing that soon! It's sad and frustrating.

*so funny! You do the cutest things. Yesterday, we went to the tennis courst so mom and dad could attempt to play and we told you that you could take some toys so you picked some out. You got a big red ball and a bright pink pool noodle. And you INSISTED on taking the dang noodle. And you carried it around the tennis court the whole time we were there! You also pick up rocks whenever you're outside and carry them in with you. We find them all over the house!

Tommy, you are the most awesome kid ever! I love this age that you're at and you are SO much fun. Daddy and I love to see what you do every day. It's always something different and new. Listening to you figure out words and watching you learn new things is such a fun experience! I love seeing the person you're turning in to. You're ornery, sweet, kind, smart, funny and temperamental. You're a fireball of energy and I wouldn't trade a second of it! We love you so much bud!

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