Friday, September 21, 2012


Last weekend, my  mom and I decided to load the kids up for a weekend in Kansas City to do some shopping and see cousin Whit! I was hesitant at first because Tommy's at the age where he doesn't like to be in the car for long. He always pulls on his straps and says, "Out!Ouuuuuuut!!" But I'm sooooo glad I decided to go ahead and just GO! It turned out to be a great trip.

We left around 3:30pm on Friday, which was perfect because that's Tommy's nap time. He fell asleep a few miles outside of Towanda and slept the WHOLE way. So did Tessa. It. Was. AWESOME. I was so grateful there weren't any meltdowns!!

We got there and said hi to Whitney. Tessa was talking up a storm and seemed VERY happy to get out of her carseat!
Util she got hungry...........then she was just mad .

So we got her fed and headed to the outlet mall--mommy's favorite place to go! They have Old Navy, Baby Gap, Osh Cosh, Carters.....all at discount prices--a mother's dream :) I found some really cute skirts for Tess at Old Navy for $3 each. I also got her a SUPER cute shirt at Baby Gap for $2. I didn't find any super good deals for Tommy, but I splurged a little and bought a gray pullover from Gap for him. I just loved it and it was only $11. We finished our night off with a delicous dinner at Panera, where Tommy scarfed down an entire apple (which he's NEVER done). It was truly the perfect evening.

The next morning, my mom watched the kids while Whitney and I went garage saling. Kansas City is a garage salers HEAVEN! Truly, there was like a million sales!! The first one we stopped at was full of baby girl clothes so of COURSE I had to stock up! I found a big huge wicker charger that I'll use as a picture prop. And we hit one sale that was "fill a bag for $2" and man, did I FILL a bag!! They had a ton of stuff Tommy's size and I dug until I found cute, clean, name brand clothes and I crammed stuff in that bag like you would not believe! But my favorite deal of the day was the tool set I found for Tommy. I've been wanting some plastic tools for him and I found some for $1. I was a little hesitant to open them because they were from 1970 and in the oringal unopened package, but Tommy saw them and HAD to have them opened right then :) So hopefully they weren't of any value!

We went to the City Market after garage saling. I LOOOVED it. I wish Wichita had something like it (or if they do, I don't know about it). It's just a ton of vendors selling anything and everything from fresh fruit and vegetables to hand sewn stuff to baked's just so fun to look at everything. And they had some fun photo ops.........

We couldn't pass the opportunity to pass up two of daddy's favorite things--his kids and steak!
Nana packed Tessa around in her pouch and I pushed Tommy, who  was not too happy to be contained the whole time :)

Then we headed for the park. We were going to go to the circus, but there was no parking within a mile radius of the stadium and you had to pay $15 to get a decent spot, so we ditched it and went to the park instead. It turned out to be a good choice! Tommy had a blast swinging. It's his favorite thing to do now!

 He turned into Mr. Independent! He was climbing all over and sliding down slides by himself......such a big boy!

He could hardly be bothered long enough to stop and give mommy a kiss through the bars!

Obviously, Tessa thoroughly enjoyed herself!

Tommy was having so much fun that THIS was the attitude I got when I told him it was time to leave.........

We left Kansas City right after we left the park. I was sad to go because we had so much fun with Whitney and just being someplace DIFFERENT. It was a little mini-vacation and it was great. The kids behaved so well and ended up sleeping almost the whole way home, too. Thanks for being such a great hostess Whitney!! We'll be back soon!

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