Saturday, September 8, 2012

Well, we tried!

Thursday was my four year wedding anniversary to my hubs. We had been planning for weeks to go out tonight since we couldn't really do anything too late on a work night. We bought tickets online for the Loony Bin and planned on eating dinner before hand. I have been SOOOOOOOO excited for this! We hadn't had a date in FOREVER and it was much needed. Two babies just seem to take up so much more time than one! It seems like we're never alone, so I was excited for some Brady and Nick time.

We dropped the kids off at my mom's around 4:45pm. We took some stuff to my Granny because it's her birthday and after chatting with her for a few minutes, we headed to dinner. We went to Logan's Roadhouse because we had a coupon (living on the wild side, I know). Let me just say that I love Logan's but they had a snotty little hostess. She opened the door for us and asked a question but I couldn't understand her, so I was getting ready to ask her what she said when she glared at us and yelled, "Just you two?" with a whole lot of attitude. I gave a super fake sweet smile and said yes in a tone of voice that let her know I didn't appreciate her rudeness. She took us to a table and Nick asked if we could have a booth instead. She rolled her eyes and led us over to the nearest booth where she threw down our menus and stomped off. I tried to give her the benefit of the doubt and guessed that she was either PMSing or maybe her little boyfriend broke up with her because she's so biotchy, or something. But my theory is if you don't like customer service, DON'T WORK IN CUSTOMER SERVICE!!

Anywho, I'll step off that soapbox. Our waiter turned out to be fine and our dinner was delish! I love Logan's. Especially the rolls...mmmmmmmmmm.....I could eat those rolls every day for every meal and never get tired of them! After dinner, we ran to K-Mart to return a few things and then headed to the Loony Bin. That's where we went on our first date. Funny story about that, by the way. A few months after we'd been dating, we were hanging out watching TV at Nick's house and a commercial for the Loony Bin came on. He looked at me and said, "We should go there sometime. It's a lot of fun. Have you ever been?" Really? Really, Nick?! "Um, yeah, I've been--it was our first date, a-hole!" Let's just say he did lots of back pedaling and apologizing after that and I still give him a hard time about it 7 years later :)

We got through the line, got seated and ordered a Labotomy and some other fruity drink when my mom called. She asked if Tommy had been sick lately and right away my heart sank. This happened the last time we tried to go on an actual date. She called while we were eating dinner and he had thrown up. I said he had been fine and she said they had gone outside to play and he did great, but when they came inside, he crawled up on her lap and snuggled (which is HIGHLY unusual for Tommy) and he felt really hot. She didn't have any children's tylenol so I told her to give him a bath to see if that cooled him down and to text me after. Well, the show started and I got a text that said he wouldn't take a bath and was not any cooler, but he had fallen asleep (it was only 8:15pm, which is ALSO highly unusual for Tommy). We decided to stay for the whole show and I'm so glad we did. It was hilarious! Highly Mildly inappropriate, but hilarious.

I called my mom after it was over and he wasn't any better, so we decided to go pick him up. I felt really bad for him that he was sick and really bad for us that we wouldn't get the whole night without kids and we couldn't sleep in the next morning ;) When we got there, he was sleeping, so I picked him up and put him on my lap. He started making some noises like he was uncomfortable and reached for Nick, so Nick sat with him in my mom's rocking chair for a few minutes. Then he started saying, "Mom.....moooooom." My heart was breaking for him because he sounded so sad and weak. I picked him up and was cuddling him when he puked. Alllllllllllll over me. I mean ALL over me. My shirt was covered, my arms and neck were covered and it dripped down into my shoes. How's that for appetizing? I didn't mind the puke being ON me, but the smell........oh the smell of vomit makes me gag SO bad. Nick was trying to run Tommy to the bath tub and I was trying not to drip puke on my mom's carpet. I was gagging, my  mom was laughing and Nick kept telling me to stop. I was like, Really? Because I'm gagging on purpose?!? It was so disgusting, but  my mom knows how much I hate vomit (and always have), so she found it hilarious! Luckily, I had an extra tank top in the truck, so I tried to take mine off without getting it all over my hair. We got Tommy changed and me changed and packed up in the truck. We left Tessa with Nana so she hopefully won't get sick.

He's been sleeping since we got home---poor baby. Fingers crossed that it's just some 24 hour bug and nothing more. I've heard it's been going around, so I'm sure that's all it is. But it just HAD to happen on our date night! I'm a little bummed, but glad my boy seems to be doing a little better after he got sick. Oh well............we have many years ahead for nights out with no babies. We tried!

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