Thursday, September 13, 2012


There's been a lot going on around here, so this post is kind of random and full of things that have nothing in common other than it being my life :)

*Yesterday............I found a snake in our bedroom. DisGUSting!! I almost threw up. I was laying in bed and heard something rustling. My first thought was mouse. Gross, but I could handle it. At least those can't kill me. So I went to where the noise was coming from and saw this............
In case you can't tell, it's a SNAKE TAIL sticking out of a sticky bug trap thing.

*Oh man, it was just too much. I called Nick and FUH-REAKed OUT! He said it was no biggie and I should just throw it outside. Uh-hum, okay. No problem. He said it was probably just a gardner snake, so I sent him a close up of the pattern on it's skin to let him know it was NOT a gardner snake!!

See!! It's definitely MUCH more dangerous than a gardner snake! 

*On a brighter, less scary note, bedtime around here has been AWESOME. I was so worried because I've been trying to get Tommy to fall asleep in his own bed instead of mine. I thought it was going to be so hard to get him retrained, but it has been SO great! It took a few nights of me dragging him to bed and sitting there until he fell asleep, but the last week or so, he's been grabbing my hand and dragging me to his room when he's tired. He lays down, pulls his covers up and closes his eyes. He's usually asleep within 5 minutes! And the last two nights, I've tucked him in, left the room and he went to sleep by himself. I'm loving it! And miss Tessa has been sleeping from about 9pm to 5am. SO great!

*I had my first day back at work on 9/7/12. Not horrible, but not great. It was really slow. I liked being back and feeling productive, but I sure missed my babies and wish SO bad I could at least stay home with them part time. Life with them is so fun and interesting and different every day and there's NO DRAMA!!! That's what I dread running into the most. You never know what kind of drama a work day is going to bring!

In her carseat, ready to go to Aunt Brooke's for the whole day without mommy :(
I was so happy to be home with my girl!

And she was happy to have me home! I'm loving her little smile :)

I missed this little guy too, but he wasn't nearly as enthusiastic about pictures as Tess!
He's more interested in playing with the camera buttons.

 *I've been trying to do mini-photo shoots of Tessa, but she's getting to where she moves around too much. It's hard to get any really good shots, but here's a few that I kind of liked.....
She's so alert now!
Sweet girl!
This picture just makes me think she is unbelievably long!

There's much more happening in life, but my brain hurts too bad to remember it all. I'm so tired from my snake incident last night! Let's just say I didn't sleep well after that! We're going to Kansas City this weekend to see Whitney and I'm so excited! We'll post pictures afterwards........going to the circus, so it should be interesting!

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