Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The many faces of Tess

Now, some might think Tessa is a one-sided boring little girl because all she does is eat, poop, sleep, eat, eat, eat, eat, eat, poop, eat, eat, eat and sleep. Did I mention she eats a lot??

But she's REALLY a multi-faceted, very talented young lady :) Ok, she doesn't really have any talents besides eating and farting like a grown man, but she's constantly cracking me up with her different faces. These pictures are all really crappy awesome cell phone quality. I have to use my cell because her faces come and go so quickly that I don't have time to get my good camera!
"Ahhhh.....that lady that calls herself mommy is so cracked out!"
"If she puts this d*** bow on my head ONE more time...........!"

"I'm so glad my bubby's not trying to cram a paci in my mouth so I can sleep in peace."
"I will not let go of the paci, I will Not let go of the paci, I will NOT let go of the paci!"
"Whad'ya MEAN there's no more formula?!?"
"They must've given me the gooood stuff, man...."
And my all time favorite EVER expression that's on her face constantly (but I'm dreading the 15 year old version of it because it'll probably be a lot meaner).....

"Um, excuse me?!? What did you just say?" 
This little girl has got us wrapped around her finger(s)!! She's so funny and cute and is FINALLY starting to get a little cuddly. Love you, Tessie Pooh!

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