Monday, April 2, 2012

The Zoo

The zoo. Why do I always think trips to the zoo are going to be so much fun? They hardly ever live up to my expectations. The only time the zoo was truly awesome was when we got to leave school to go there :)

Tommy has been taking a huge interest in animals lately and Nick FINALLY got a weekend off, so we decided to head to the zoo Sunday after church. The weather was pretty decent.......85 degrees but there was at least a good breeze going. We started out in the petting zoo and I have to say, I think the "American Farm" exhibit was Tommy's favorite. He LOOOVED the horses and cows and petting the sheep or goats or whatever those things are.
Checking things out with dad

He had no hesitation whatsoever to touch these things

He kept pointing and saying, "Oooooo!"
We got to the tortoises and he SO loved them. He hung onto the fence for dear life and just laughed and smiled. His little face was priceless. I'm not sure why he liked them so much because they hardly moved but he did!
He kept hollering to get out of the stroller. Which I wouldn't have minded except there were 8 billion people there and I'm pretty sure 80% of them were kidnappers just looking for little blond haired, blue eyed babies that can run away from their mommies really fast! He was just dying to get a closer look at everything so we let him down and he kept cramming his face against the rails.

We finally made it to the gorrilla house (which is my favorite). They weren't moving much but luckily, there was one right by the window that he got to see. It's crazy how tiny Tommy looks next to that thing :) He liked it though. He kept patting the glass and trying to see it better.

The huge goldfish caught his attention too. Nick had to wrestle him to keep him from falling over the edge of the pond :) That boy is stubborn (I don't know where he gets it) and when he wants to see something, he will find a way!

Notice the missing shoe.....yeah, that happens a lot. Thank God a little boy saw it and gave it back to us :)
He seemed to like the statues more than the real animals. He wanted to touch one so bad so I took him out of his stroller and put him up there and he just started hugging it and kissing it. It was the cutest thing. Watch my son turn out to be a vet or something--how ironic would that be given my disdane for animals? :)

 He had so much fun! He was pulling us around as fast as his little legs could carry him! He had a good time dragging dad around. I think he loved getting to spend a whole day with the both of us. It rarely happens with our work schedules, so it was a treat for all of us.

The day ended on a bit of a.........disgusting note. We were getting close to the end of the loop at the zoo and we were trying to get a better look at the hippos. They had just come up out of the water and Nick bent down to pick Tommy up from his stroller and said, "Uh, honey? I think he might have puked." I looked down and decided at first glance he had definitely puked. Yuck. ALL over his shirt. So we stripped him down and left right away. Poor baby. I don't know if he was over heated or had gagged himself (yes, he's been doing that lately), but I felt so bad for him. He seemed fine otherwise though.

So overall, the zoo was a decent day. Tommy had a great time, which was the whole point of it. But note to self: don't go to the zoo when you're 5 1/2 months pregnant and don't enjoy the heat. Not a good mix. I think I almost went into labor 15 times (okay, not really but it felt like it) and my ankles were pretty swollen by the time we got in the car. Plus, I had worn a shirt over a tank top and ended up taking it off because I got so hot and somewhere along the way, I lost the shirt! I was so mad because I had just bought it and it fit my pregnant belly perfectly. Oh well, you win some, you lose some.

But this picture clearly shows I win :)

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