Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter weekend 2012

Easter weekend was SO hectic. It had a lot of really good parts but a few not so great parts too.

On the Saturday before Easter, we always celebrate with my mom's side of the family. We go out to my aunt and uncle's house where they have a TON of land and a huge barn that we hang out in for the day. There's an Easter egg hunt (a junior and adult division :) and tons of food and this year, some four wheeling! Tommy got to do his first egg hunt (last year he didn't get it yet)! It was so funny because he was still pretty clueless and got distracted easily!

Nick was trying to help him find the eggs, but he kept looking at me like, "What the heck is the big deal with all these eggs??" But he eventually got the hang of it. Each kid got to find 5 eggs and the eggs had numbers in them and they got to pick a prize in the order that their numbers went in. He--okay, mommy--picked a duck whistle and bubble gum. He had a blast! Then we had the adult division hunt in which no pictures were taken because we were all hunting!! I did more waddling than hunting and only ended up finding 3 eggs thanks to being slowed down by Tommy and Tessa :)
He kept stopping to look down at the mud, grass, flowers, etc. THEN he kept wanting me to hold him. Which is getting increasingly difficult given the fact that I have started looking EXTREMELY pregnant and have no hip in which to put him on. But we kept on striving for those 3 stinkin eggs!

He had one little incident where he scraped up his nose pretty good. He wasn't even on the cement....just walking up a hill and at the top was a cement step and he stumbled and brushed his nose right on the edge of the cement. It bled a lot, but wasn't too bad. Sure does look good for his Easter pics though :)

After the egg hunts, we ate and then played. Nick took Tommy on his 1st 4 wheeler ride. Mommy had a miniature panic attack until she saw them pull back into the driveway, alive and in one piece. He was NOT a happy camper when they left (I don't know if you can see the picture well but he was terried). But when they pulled back up, he was grinning from ear to ear! He loved it!!

The next day (actual Easter) was a mess. It started out with Tommy waking up at 7am. He doesn't do that on weekdays, only weekends. Thanks Tommy. He was tired and cranky. He's recently decided that he HATES being dressed. He tries to rip his pants and shirts off. But even more, he hates wearing shoes. Sigh. I LOVE shoes. Maybe I'll have better luck with Tessa. Brooke had gotten him some super cute flip flops that matched his outfit perfectly. But I put them on and he FLIPPED out. Like, a legitimate panic attack. It was quite rediculous. He acted like he was paralyzed until I took them off. He wouldn't move, he wouldn't stand, he wouldn't walk. He just stood there screaming. We tried distracting him with his Easter basket and this is what we got:

Jealous, aren't you? You wish your kid was that sweet and well behaved, right? ;) By the last picture, I think I had taken his flip flops off and thrown them at the nearest wall because I was SO over it by then. That's the only reason he stopped crying. By the time we got over that fiasco and FINALLY made it to the car, it was 10:45am and we were late for church. But we did eventually get there and of course, he was restless for the whole service. He usually sits pretty still, but not that day! He was sliding under the chairs, banging on the wall.....whatever he could to make noise. That's my boy!! But I know God didn't care and I was glad we were there.

After church we went to my mom's and ate lunch. We took a walk to see Brooke and Michael's new house which is going to be SO cute!

Then we crashed for a short family nap after our walk and then it was time to go. Tommy's been doing this super ornery thing that is actually quite hilarious and Aunt Brooke got to experience that when she got her goodbye hugs. Whenever I tell him not to give mommy's kisses away, he grabs whoever he's holding onto and goes into a full on make out session with them. He watches me the whole time he's giving away "my kisses" to make sure I see it and that I'm getting "jealous." Then eventually he comes to me to give ME some kisses. It's so funny! So Aunt Brooke got to experience that :) You're welcome.

 Once we got to the Wilhelm's, he got to do another egg hunt with his cousins.

 He kept getting distracted by the doggy and the girls running around but he managed to find his fair share of eggs with daddy and Aunt Michelle's help! Mom lounged on the porch with the camera :) He opened his easter basket from grandma and grandpa. There were bubbles and candy in there, and he loves both!

Then it was time to eat again and Tommy ate about a pound of guacamole. The kid loves that stuff! And THEN he got dessert, which he really loved. It was strawberry shortcake and it was delish.

After dessert he got to run around shirtless for awhile and loved that almost as much as he loved his cake. He kept looking out the windows and running circles around their table.

It was a good weekend overall. We had a few kinks, but what family doesn't?!? And just in case you weren't completely sick of pictures and this post yet...........

A picture of my little man in his cute Easter outfit and a (not so great) family picture :) Hope you all had a great easter!!

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