Monday, April 9, 2012


I was going through my pictures while I was unloading my camera from Easter (which will have to have it's own post in a few days). I realized there's a lot of fun pictures I didn't get to share! It's amazing how you forget about a day until you see a picture and the whole experience comes rushing back. Thank God for cameras!

There was one day about 3 weeks ago where the weather had JUUUUST started getting nice. I got home and the boys had decided they wanted to take a little trip out to the pond. Daddy let Tommy drive. Don't worry, the pond is on our property, so it was about 1/10th of a mile that he drove, but he LOVED it!

Tommy is such an outdoors boy. I think he's going to live in the wilderness someday :) He recently found his love for his wagon. But the problem is, he wants to pull it AND ride in it. Yeah, that doesn't work too well, but he was bound and determined to try. Wonder where he gets that from?!? So he did a lot of sitting in the wagon and pulling backwards on the handle........and getting nowhere :)

Please excuse the Donald Trump hairdo. It was time for a haircut!
He finally let Nick pull him but refused to keep his bottom on the seat. He does this in the bath tub too. He just would NOT sit down. Scared me to death about a million times and aggrivates me to no end that he isn't minding!

We had fun just walking around the pond and looking at the ducks. He always points at them and says, "Oooooo!" I have a feeling he's going to be hunting those ducks some day. Kind of a sad thought. But for now, he could just sit and watch them all day. He was sad--to put it mildly-- when we left the pond to go back home.

He cried and cried and refused to walk to the truck so finally Daddy had to pick him up and he became the bad guy.
You would think he was being carried away to his death the way he was crying.
Until he got to "drive" back home. Then he was happy again :)

I'm so thankful we live out in the country with plenty of room for him to run around. I wish we had a little fenced in area so I wouldn't have to chase him quite so much, but he LOVES being a country boy! We had such a fun evening (other than the meltdown when it was time to leave) and it's so relaxing to be able to enjoy the outdoors in peace and quiet without having to travel a million miles or rent a campsite. So grateful for the crazy decision we made 2 years ago to buy this house! I hope our kids enjoy the land as much as we do.

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